Hotel Transylvania 4 Trailer Released: Cast & Release Date

Sony Animation released the new trailer for the Franchise’s upcoming movie titled Transformania. Released on 17th May the trailer shows many differences from the earlier movies. The first film premiered in 2012 and the sequels in 2015 and 2018.

Hotel Transylvania revolves around the Hotel of the same name and follows the monsters who live there, a safe place built away from all the humans. Some Spoilers for the previous three movies ahead.

You can watch the trailer at:

The first film showed how Drac had built the place and how he didn’t let Mavis go outside to keep her safe from the Humans, but by the end Drac finally sees how people have changed from the earlier centuries Angry Mobs. Then the rest of the films have shown how monsters are accepted in the society and world. Eventually, the last film showed the change in Van Helsing the century-old monster hunter as well.

The Trailer:

As the name suggests, the trailer shows Van Helsing’s new creation ‘Monsterfication Ray’ as Johnny complains that Drac never accepted him because he was not a monster. The technology then turns the world upside down by changing or transforming the Monsters into Humans and vice versa. So we get to see a Human Drac and his friends while Johnny is turned into a monster and can be seen enjoying the experience. Now they have to find a solution to reverse the transformation before it stays the same.

Hotel Transylvania 4 Trailer released

Cast & Release Date:

It was announced earlier that Adam Sandler would not be returning for his role Drac and now the new movie shows Brian Hull replacing him. Rest of the cast and characters would be returning to play the same roles. Van Helsing and Erica Van Helsing who were introduced in the last film would also be reappearing.

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This might be the last film in the movie franchise and with Adam Sandler gone, there are many questions if this will be a hit as the last three. The Release Date has been changed several times, however, the trailer promises the release to be scheduled on 23 July.

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