FRUITS BASKET Anime Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date and Where to Watch

  Fruits Basket popular manga series has been entertaining it’s audience since 2019 ,sanding at 7.9 at IMDb and this series is written and illustrated by ” NATSUYI TAKAYA” initially serialized in weekly ” HANA TO YUME “ from 1998- 2006. Anime enthusiasts has been waiting for the release of its episode 8 of 3 season which is final of the series and TMS Entertainment has released the official trailer.




The third season of this anime has been airing since April 6 2021 , with 1 week of gap between the release of each episode. Episode 7 released on 18 may and now the 8th episode is just 6 days away would be aired on 25 MAY 2021. This anime has gained many fans and right after release of the final season the rating has elevated to 8.5/10 on IMDb and also 8.54 /10 on the My Anime List.

The anime could be streamed through Crunchyroll and if you are premium user you are immediately can get access to watch it and the unlimited Anime also available on FUNIMATION . The plot revolves around he orphan girl named “TOHRU HONDA” she later meets YUKI , KYO and SHIGURE SOMA who belong to SOMA family , and are possessed by the animals of CHINESE ZODIAC. the characters turn into animals whenever they are weak and stressed by situations.

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What to expect in episode 8 of season 3  and the episode 7 RECAP 

Episode 7 of this final season is titled with “That’s right , it’s empty” and aired on May 18 ,2021 and in this episode AKITO decides to kill her mother and doesn’t actually decides to kill her when she realizes that HIRO has been freed from his curse as well and this drives AKITO into mental breakdown.

Another thing refers to the box that REN has been obsessing over , he finally finds it and it is actually empty and gets disappointed by finding it . Now talking about episode 8 titled with  ” I’m disappointed in you” it might be referring to the box which REN has found in the earlier episode and also disappointed by one of the characters in this particular episode.

This final season jumps profound into the passionate disturbances between the characters and the female lead TOHRU Honda understands the SOMA family , viewers can finally get to know about the AKITO and KUNERO’s complicated relationship and finally, TOHRU will realize her feelings for “KYO”.

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