WOMEN & CHILDREN KILLED by Gaza Terrorists in Another Rocket Attack in Israel

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is a long-running violent conflict between Israelis and  Palestinians that started in the mid-twentieth century, as part of a larger Arab–Israeli conflict. As part of the Israeli Palestinian peace process, many attempts have been made to settle the dispute.

With the continuing Israeli occupation of the  West Bank and Gaza Strip now approaching 54 years, it has been dubbed the world’s “most intractable war.”

According to the IDF, as rocket warning sirens sounded across the region, millions of Israelis were going to bomb shelters on Wednesday evening.

An anti-tank missile fired from Gaza into Israel killed an Israeli soldier on Wednesday morning, according to reports.

Some reports said a six-year-old boy was killed in a rocket attack on the town of Sderot, while others said he survived.

When a rocket struck their car in Lod, two people, a man and his teenage daughter, were killed. Both of them were Palestinian Arabs living in Israel.

Overnight, Israeli police announced violent protests in dozens of cities across the country,  arresting 270 people.In Lod, fires were set in synagogues and businesses.

The riots, Mr. Netanyahu said, were “unbearable” and reminded Jews of their history.

To protect residents’ safety and property, Israeli police have imposed a curfew on Lod from 20:00 local time on Wednesday to 04:00 local time on Thursday.

Violence’s origins

Days of escalating clashes between  Palestinians and Israeli police on a holy hilltop compound in East Jerusalem sparked the war between Israel and Hamas.

The Haram al Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) is revered by Muslims, while the Temple Mount is revered by Jews.

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Hamas demanded that Israel withdraw police  from the region, as well as the predominantly Arab Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood nearby, where Palestinian families are being evicted by Jewish settlers. When Hamas’ ultimatum went unanswered, it  fired missiles.

Weeks of that unrest in East Jerusalem,  exacerbated by a series of clashes with police since the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in mid-April, had already stoked Palestinian rage.

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