ISRAEL : Recent Confrontation With Palestine Risks Civil War in the Country.

After a long stint of peace, the recent situation in Israel is taking path to more violence in the region. After the whole of Al Aqsa mosque clashes the situation in Israel is quite tense. Israel is busy dealing with the Hamas in Gaza strip. Meanwhile, according to the President with tensions among communities growing, there may be a possibility of a Civil War.

The Condition in the Country

The country is working on war footing to control the barrage of rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza. As a result, resources are stretched to defend its cities and civilians. Meanwhile, tensions are high inside the country as well. Populations of Arabs and Jews are facing each other on the streets.

In the meantime, religious and political leaders are appealing for calm. Police is busy reinforcing curfews and mass- arrests. But, it all seems to do little to stem riots in several ethnically mixed towns. Israeli TV is full with sites what it described as “near-lynchings” of Jewish and Arab motorists.

After the fight with Hamas, Israel is under pressure to quell the fires of potential Civil War.

Looking at the situation in Israel, the President has warned of a civil war between the country’s Arabs and Jews. The recent shelling and bombing in Gaza are to partially blame for the bickering on the Israeli streets.

The Worsening Situation on Streets

The situation on streets is getting dire by the day. Some pro-Palestinian protests by Arab minority is protesting voraciously over the air raid on Gaza after Hamas militants fired rockets through the border.

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The capital of Tel Aviv is under heavy policing after a synagogue and cars were torched. Roads were stoned and pro-Palestinian individuals got into some scuffle with police in northern Haifa port.

These scenes of unrest on Israeli streets are cheered by Hamas. One of whose spokesmen urged Arab citizens to “rise up” against “our enemy and yours”.

It is worth noting that Israel has 21% minority Arab population which is predominantly Palestinian by heritage and hold Israeli citizenship. The rest are the Jewish population who are in bit of a scuffle with the Arabs.

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