Ellen DeGeneres Show Getting CANCELLED after ABUSE SCANDAL at Workplace

Ellen DeGeneres’ show has come to an ultimate subjugation after 19 seasons. The comedian and Host of the notorious chat show ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ told the audience about the wind-up on 12th May 2021. 

Ellen DeGeneres show, an American daytime talk show which premiered on 8th April 2003. The Talk-show gained a lot of adulation from people, winning numerous awards and attaining 17 People’s Choice Awards total. 

What is the reason Behind the ending of Ellen DeGeneres’ long-running Talk show?

Last summer, Warner Bros production investigated Ellen DeGeneres Show for misconduct scandals.

There is no such personal reason for Ellen to quell the Talk-show. The main reason for ending the show is virulent workplace and mistreatment. The workplace is a toxic place where former staffs complained about racial discrimination, sexual assaults and hectoring harassments. Three executive producers were arrested and busted out of the show for harassing  female staff members during work. In respect to this incident, Ellen apologized to her staff publicly for such unsafe and mistreatment behind on-stage. 

On 12th May 2021, Ellen addressed press reports on accusations of mistreatment in the show. Ellen was so devastated and had a feeling of “misogynistic” as a woman.   

Ellen commented on account of ending the show “Good times should come to an end, one day. I’m deeply sad for quitting the show, I don’t want others to be hurt, just spreading kindness and compassion to the people who reverted badly to me. Honestly, I’m obliterated”.

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In the chat with Emmy-winner Orphan felt “Cancelled”, for that Ellen was totally baffled and said that “I don’t even know any idea about this misconduct workplace. I stay up until the last person leaves the workplace. And my name is labelled on this show, which impacts my feelings”.

When is the show gonna end?

Ellen DeGeneres Talk-show will be ending after 19 seasons in 2022. Ellen DeGeneres signed for three more years in the show that completes in 2022. But allegedly, Ellen announced her absence after 19 seasons in the show due to the controversy. The show may continue on social media, said by Ellen during a talk with Orphan. 

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