Joe Biden is HIDING HIS HEALTH ISSUE!!! from Public After Failing to Speak for 1 Minute

The President of the Unites States is apparently not healthy. A new report claim that the recently elected president health is not okay. People were also concerned about his health when he wasn’t able to speak properly for one minute in his recent speech. However, the 46th president of the US will continue his work at the office. The White House announced on Tuesday that the president will receive a physical exam later in 2021.

Biden’s previously shared his medical report in December 2019, before running his campaign for the president. The doctor described the 77-year-old a healthy person and a fit person to successfully do the job of a president. After becoming the president of the US, Joe Biden assigned the doctor to serve as the physician of the White House. Biden is going to share his health report sometime in next eight months after undergoing a check-up.

Andrew Bates, the White House spokesman told the reporters that the medical report of the president will be publicly revealed. Biden named his physician himself, while his predecessors retained the doctor who also served the president before them. The current president replaced Dr. Sean Conley after the Trump’s White House physician garnered controversy.

Dr. Sean Conley offered a rosy description related to Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, because the then-White House wanted optimism. However, the former president reportedly suffered from shortness of breath and required a supplementary oxygen. Biden named Dr. Kevin O’Connor as his White House physician, who previously prepared Biden’s medical report in 2019.

Joe Biden suffered a brain aneurysm back in 1988.

Biden wasn’t always healthy, as she suffered a brain aneurysm in 1988. The president immediately had a surgery. Doctors, who did his surgery found a second aneurysm, but successfully treated both. O’Connor in Biden’s latest medical report mentioned that the president never had recurrences of any aneurysms. Biden in November 2020 fractured his leg while playing with his dog but, the legs have healed, O’Connor affirmed.

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People are claiming that the president is hiding his current health status. In number of occasion, the public found the president having difficulty. When the president recently tried to climb up to the Air Force One, he reportedly tripped on one of the steps. However, he got up and took the support on the rail, but again tripped second time.

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