Harry Styles GAY and Dating Joshua Bassett, Everything We You Need to Know About Their Relationship Timeline

Joshua Bassett, who recently gained popularity with his new pop-music and apparent appearance in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, comes out as a gay surprising his fans. However, fans are happy about it as they had already started speculating about his sexuality. The 20-year-old recently uploaded a clip from his new music video, Feel Something, where he approached his friend, Manny Escobar as he was going to kiss him. The particular clip never made to the final cut of the music video.

Fans then started wondering what that meant and asked on the internet whether he is gay or not. Bassett’s fans are confused because he was involved in supposed love triangle with his co-star Olivia Rodrigo, and singer Sabrina Carpenter. Joshua and Olivia were initially rumored to be dating, but this was never confirmed. Reports claimed that they were in fact dating each other, but later had a messy breakup.

A report suggested that Sabrina Carpenter was responsible for the break-up, after she was pictured having a lunch date with Joshua. Olivia then posted a picture wearing a dump him t-shirt, probably hinting of the break-up with Joshua after his date with Sabrina. An insider claimed that the two singers have a bad blood between them, and they all released songs digging at each other.

Joshua Bassett and Harry Styles Relationship: Are they really dating?

Bassett talked about all the good things about Harry during an interview with CleverNews. He shared some hot comments about Harry Styles claiming that the pop-singer is a classy and well-rounded man. He also added that Harry Styles is such a nice person who doesn’t talk much, but when he does, everything makes sense. Fans then noticed the actor slightly  groaning when he called the 27-year-old actor hot.

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The next comment then took his fans into frenzy, when he mentioned that the video interview with CleverNews is his coming-out video. His comments blew up the Twitter and fans begun talking about a possible relationship with Harry Styles. Some fans even mocked Bassett’s co-star Olivia and Sabrina for fighting against each other over Joshua, all while he is staring the pictures of Harry Styles.

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