Solo Leveling Chapter 151: Release Date, Spoiler Discussion and Read Manga Online

Solo Leveling is a famous web novel written by Chugog a South Korean writer. It is written in 4 volumes. The first episode of Solo Leveling was published on 8 March 2018. Its based on fantasy with a touch of action.

Solo Leveling Chapter 151 Release Date.

Solo Leveling is getting lot of attention this day for it’s the storyline and virtual effects used. The Solo Leveling ended with 150th chapter and the new chapter is chapter 151 which is getting released this week on May 13, 2021. This date is announced and confirmed by an English publisher recently.

Fans are eagerly waiting to read the next chapter. They are very excited to know what this brings to them. In the previous chapter we saw that Go Gun used up his everything in order to defeat Jin-woo. This was a very smart idea Go Gun had used. In chapter 151 the story will forcus on the next grand battle.

Solo Leveling Spoilers And Raw Scan.

This chapter is likely to bring a monarch vs monarch battle. Which will take place between the shadow monarch and the Frost monarch. This will be grand battle. There were 7 fragments of Luminosity out of which only 5 remained after Jonas and Reed was eradicated. These monarchs are looking for these fragments and Go Gun is one of their target. Their next target of will be revealed in this chapter who will be eliminated.

This chapter will also forcus on the fight between Jin Woo vs the Ice Elf-looking monarch. And followers of Solo Leveling predict that Jin Woo will win the battle.

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As we know Solo Leveling is from South Korea the raw scans are too written in Korean. Which most of the Fans are unable to read. As the next chapter is getting released tomorrow the raw scan is likely to get released today.The English translations of the version will be out very soon.

The chapter of Solo Leveling is available on Kakaopage and Tapas Media. So wait for Solo Leveling’s next chapter. And get ready to enter the new world and discover new spoilers and new battles. Unlike all other chapters this too will be a very exciting chapter with action and amazing virtual.

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