China CELEBRATING!!! India’s SUFFERING and Mocking Covid Death with Rocket Launch

India is struggling from its worst time with pandemic meanwhile, its neighbor China seems busy making fun of their neighbor. The making fun business is not just limited to private individuals but has found base with official Government accounts. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has deleted the posts after facing massive backlash.

Dire Situation in India and Inhuman Trolling

India is struck in a very bad situation in the pandemic front. The country is making daily world records in the number of daily reported case and deaths. With high death toll the country’s crematoriums are working day and night to cremate the dead. The crematoriums are overstretched and are working 24/7 to cope with the deaths.

Meanwhile, the pandemic situation in china has got better. With life getting back to normal, China recently launched its first space station module in space. The overjoyed public and sometimes the authorities are making fun of situation in India while contrasting with the images of funeral pyres.

Communist Party of China social media account faces backlash in China after mocking India’s COVID deaths.

The social media post above was shared on ‘Chinese Twitter’ Weibo. The post was shared by the Communist Party of China’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission. The powerful body controls the courts and police in China. The account has 15 million followers. In the post a message written in mandarin translated as “China lighting a fire, India lighting a fire”. The image showed the contrast between the situation in either of the countries.

Reaction to the Post

The message posted by the powerful government body became viral.While, a minuscule of individuals justified and glorified the image. But later it prompted widespread outrage in Chinese social media site. The outrage on media later prompted the Government-linked account to delete the post.

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Few sensible voice within the country blasted the insensitivity of the post. Many users came forward to show solidarity to the Indian nation. They stressed that the insensitive post does not represent the people of China and they feel ashamed by the post. Although, many such posts were later removed from the social media platform.

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