WHO Approves Chinese Covid Vaccine with SERIOUS Side Effects, but why

Emergency approval to Covid vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Moderna was given by WHO previously. The latest vaccine to join this approved list is Sinopharm; a Chinese Vaccine.

WHO (World Health Organization) has given emergency approval to the Chinese covid vaccine called Sinopharm.

This is the first vaccine to be approved from non-western countries. It also the first Chinese vaccine to be approved by WHO for infectious diseases.

This Vaccine is one of the two vaccines which are made and widely available in China. Some of the countries which were using the vaccine before approval were Pakistan, Hungary and UAE. Millions of doses have been shipped and administered already.

Reason for approval

The main reason for approval-This vaccine would drastically increase the availability of covid vaccines in developing and poor countries.

WHO has solely approved the vaccine by the data given by Chinese officials. Most of the other covid vaccine companies are not helping the poor countries. This Vaccine’s major target is the low and medium-income countries. WHO would be praised for its work sending a fare share of vaccines to poor countries.

 Side Effects

Its efficiency as told by WHO is 79%. The adverse effects reported during clinical trials was 19% and now it is reported as 1.06%. But these reports are given by the Chinese Government and we can not be sure about them.

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The conditions that come under adverse side effects are Inability to do day to day activities, severe allergies, hospitalization and death.

A doctor from China had posted on social media that it was the most unsafe vaccine in the world. He said that it has up to 76 side effects. But the posts were later deleted. This story looks similar to the one where a doctor warned the world about covid virus. He was silenced by the Chinese government and killed.

How does it work?

This vaccine has been made in the more traditional way, by taking killed virus. This virus after reaching our immune system triggers a response and immunity is built against the certain virus strain.

2 shots are given to make the vaccine effective to people above the age of 18 years.

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