Seychelles : Pandemic Surges again in the MOST Vaccinated Country, Raises Concerns

With the world slowly moving towards mass vaccinations, as a way out of pandemic. The surge in COVID – 19 cases in Seychelles is a cause of great concern. This is because Seychelles is by far the most vaccinated country in the world. The small nation quickly vaccinated almost 50 percent of its population with full dose.

Vaccination and Cause of Concern

As of the latest reports Seychelles vaccinated almost half its small population with full dose of vaccines from Sinopharm. In doing so, it became the country with most vaccinated individual, eclipsing even US in coverage of both doses. But recent rise in cases has raised concern over the effectiveness of vaccines.

The cases in the country began to rise and have doubled in the first week of May. In Seychelles, Sinopharm shots were issued to 57% of those who were fully inoculated. Later Covishield, a vaccine made in India under a license from AstraZeneca Plc. was administered to rest.

The alarming rise in COVID – 19 cases in a highly vaccinated country has raised doubts over the effectiveness of vaccines in controlling the pandemic.

In the meantime, experts at WHO are observing the events unfold in the country. Kate O’Brien addressed reporters to reveal the action taken with respect to rise in cases in Seychelles. WHO is in direct contact with Seychelles and is trying to find links to some new strain and severity of cases in the recent surge.

The country’s Health Ministry reported the doubling of positive cases. Meanwhile, of these positive cases 37 percent belonged to individuals vaccinated with two doses of vaccines.The Ministry said in a statement said that no individual who tested positive after complete immunization has died as of May 8.

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Dealing with the Recent Surge

To deal with the recent surge, Seychelles reimposed restrictions on public gathering. The government closed schools, cancelled sports events and banned even mingling of individuals from different households.

The country was the first to rush on with vaccinations. The nation with a small population of less than 100,000 began its drive with vaccines from donation of doses from Chinese company Sinopharm. Later it continues its vaccination drive with vaccines from India branded as Covishield, which was manufactured under license from AstraZeneca.

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