Seth Rogen Cuts Ties With James Franco After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Seth Rogen admitted that after accusing the actor of sexual abuse, he established contact with his former collaborator James Franco.

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Seth Rogen has no plans to work with James Franco

Seth Rogen stated that he has no plans to work. Collaborated with former collaborator James Franco. Logan said: “What I can say is that I despise abuse and harassment, and I will never cover up or cover up the actions of people who do this, and I will never put someone in a position very close to such a person. . “But, I remember I made a joke on SNL in 2014, and I regret it. To be honest, it was a terrible joke.
In 2014, Rogen joked in SNL’s opening monologue that he had been dating Her co-star with Pineapple Express pretended to be an underage girl on social media. Rogen added: “I also reviewed the interview in 2018 and I commented that I will continue to work with James [Franco]. The fact is that I haven’t, and I don’t plan to do it now.
Rogen also stated that his personal relationship with Franco has changed since the allegations were exposed, and explained: “I don’t know if I can define this in this interview.” I can say, well, you know that changed a lot of things in our relationship. In February
Franco reached a settlement with two former students who accused him of sexual misconduct while attending classes at the acting school he is now closed. Specifically, the plaintiffs Sarah Tither-Kaplan (Sarah Tither-Kaplan) and Toni Gaal (Toni Gaal) claimed that Franco abused his power and forced the students to use “pornographic typesetting” in scenes of explicit sex. Franco was previously accused by a 17-year-old girl of sending explicit messages on Instagram in 2014.
When asked if the situation was “painful”, Logan admitted that it was true, but clarified that “but it was not that painful and difficult. Many other people participated. In this case, I don’t feel sorry for myself. ” “Logan has previously worked with Franco on eight films, including, but not limited to, 2013’s” Terminator, “2014’s” Interview, “and 2015’s” Eve. “
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