Joe Biden is CANCELLING Unemployment BENEFITS to American People to Boost America’s Economy

American President Joe Biden on Monday discussed the unemployment benefits given to the people during the corona pandemic. He said in an interview at the White House. Stated as the unemployment benefits are given to help business owners who can’t find staff. And that Americans want to work and that the notion that increased benefits are not the reason people aren’t going to work.

What did US President Joe Biden Say About American Economy?

He went on to say that people claiming where Americans won’t work even, if they find a suitable job opportunity are undermi the American people. President Biden said that anyone who, is offered a suitable job that entitles safety and a paycheck should take it or risk losing the unemployment benefits offered to them.

The Governor of Montana Greg Gianforte said that these federal unemployment benefits are doing more harm than good. The officials in Montana, Arkansas and South Carolina are planning to withdraw the program by June end. Last week Vermont’s work search requirement was reinstated to those receiving unemployment benefits. The Governor of Arizona has reinstated some requirements that were removed during the pandemic for unemployed employees to receive unemployment benefits.

Joe Biden on Action to Decimate the level of Unemployment in America:

President Joe Biden has not agreed with the notion that Americans aren’t taking jobs because of the increased unemployment benefits and called these benefits “lifelines”.

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The unemployment benefits were given to the citizens through the American rescue plan and gave $300 from March until early September.

He also argued that there are still 8 million fewer jobs than when the pandemic began. And that the government should insist the citizens to follow the law with respect to the benefits and that there will be no turning back to fellow Americans in difficult times such as the pandemic.

White House Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said at a press meet on Friday that there are no reports that support the increased unemployment benefits are the reason for the workforce shortage. Jen Psaki the White House Press Secretary said on Monday that Bigger factors like vaccination rates, school reopening, childcare are keeping people home and not increasing unemployment benefits.

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