Joe Biden Govt. is ANTI-ISRAEL after Staying Silent Amid ROCKET ATTACK by Hamas on Jerusalem

President Joe Biden’s government is receiving criticism for their apparent silence on the ongoing violence in Jerusalem. The violence has now led to rocket and airstrikes over Jerusalem. Israeli air strikes reportedly killed at least 31 people on Monday, which also includes nine children. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that they carried air strikes after Palestinian militant groups fired rockets to Jerusalem.

This is a major conflict between the Palestinian Islamist group and Israel since 2014. Israel reportedly launched dozens of airstrikes over Gaza that collapsed a 13-story residential building. Hamas first fired around 480 rockets across the border, which led the communities to run towards air raid shelters. Also, three people were reported dead in Israel following the attack from Palestinian militant groups.

The rockets and air strikes continued until Monday night. Israel reported that dozens of rockets fired by Palestinian militants were intercepted by the Israel’s defense system. Following the attack, several international organizations, including Red Cross urged all the involved parties to step back and stop the air strikes. Later, Hamas and Islamic Jihad group claimed that they will further fire rockets over Tel Aviv.

Biden’s administration believes stepping back from Israel-Palestine violence is best for the US.

The President of the United States, on the other hand, has revealed that his government back is stepping back from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He and his aides believe that focusing on threats to America is in national interest than on the two countries’ conflict. But, many political commentors mentioned that walking away from the ongoing conflict may not be the good idea for Biden.

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The violence escalated in Jerusalem after Israeli security forces attacked the Palestinians while they were praying at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque. Tensions were rising among the Palestinians and Israeli settles amid potential eviction of dozens of Palestinians families from east Jerusalem. The media reports claimed that more than 300 Palestinians were injured during the initial clashes near the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Biden’s administration faced backlash from the public for their slow public reaction regarding the conflict. Multiple senators, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren claimed that US must speak out on the conflict and do more.

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