Israel ACCUSED of Serious WAR CRIMES in East Jerusalem By UN Report

There is much news of the crimes of Israel for the world to turn a blind eye on what’s happening inside the country. Israel as a nation being devoid of morality and justice. Israels have just allowed their people, the Zionists, or Israel jews to go and steal the homes of Palestinians who are living there for decades and steal them, or better snatch them and they just leave Palestinians homeless in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem.


First, we have to understand what occupied means. It means a country that does not have the right over land, occupied it with force, violating all the truce and treaties and rights of the indigenous people of the land. Israel was land born out of a colonial mindset was given a piece of land illegally by the UN without even asking the indigenous people, the Palestinians. And after 1948, when Israel was created they have done everything to illegally conquer every land around them by killing Palestinians.

What we are talking about today is especially Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. Sheikh Jarrah has been a neighborhood under the Palestinians, but because Israel wants everything, they just don’t care and have allowed their so-called citizens to go and settle by removing the people already living there for years. The settlers also have the courage to do so because the Israeli forces help them with all these crimes.


Going by the statistics, in 2009, way before we even knew about this, Israels have illegally kicked out 67 Palestinians and allowed the Israeli settlers to take them home and live there. This is the crime. And the UN is silent. This is what ethnic cleansing looks like. This is genocide in its purest form. The world has no concern about the lives of the people. The Palestinians are protesting peacefully but have always met with violence by the Israeli forces which have been given permission to even kill Palestinians by their government. The countries which surround Palestine have also tied good relations with Israel and silence. Shame on them.

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We can’t save Palestine by just accusing Israel of these crimes. The UN must take action. But by the looks of it, they are afraid of their ‘healthy’ relation with Israel. Also, America helps Israel with almost 3 billion dollars in aid. They have a high interest in that nation. So, we can’t expect anything from America. We also can’t expect anything from Muslim countries around the world because almost every Muslim country has accepted Israel as a nation and have good ties with it.

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