Floyd Mayweather THREATENS to KILL Jake Paul after He Assaulted Jake During Interview

The infamous YouTuber, Jake Paul involved in a huge brawl with boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather on Thursday, last week. Jake Pal, along with his brother Logan Paul had appeared at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to promote the upcoming bout between Logan Paul and veteran boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather was also present during the press conference, where he had heated conversation with the infamous brothers.

Paul brothers and Mayweather exchanged verbal jabs at the press conference before their official exhibition match on June 6. The veteran undefeated boxer called the siblings two fake fighters. Logan quickly responded to the boxer claiming that the only thing that was fake on the stage was Mayweather’s hairline. They even mocked the boxer of his age and claimed that Logan would easily defeat Mayweather.

Following the press conference, what followed was a mayhem in Miami. Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather approached each other and exchanged few words before Paul pulled off Floyd’s cap and ran away. This behavior quickly angered the 50-0 boxer, and he ran after Paul. Floyd threw some punches at Jake Paul, ultimately leaving him with a black eye. Also, members of their entourage also joined the melee.

Mayweather threatened to KILL Jake Paul after the brawl.

The bodyguards came to separate them, and during the separation, Mayweather was captured screaming at Jake Paul. Mayweather yelled at the YouTuber claiming that he was going to kill him. Now, the Paul siblings are scared with Mayweather’s warning and claimed that they are not taking any chances. It is unlikely that Mayweather likely to kill the brother over a baseball cap.

However, Logan Paul recently revealed that he has increased security for him and his brother. He further added that he and his brother are having added bodyguards with them every time, and everywhere they go. Also, he added that they will not be filing any complaints over the kill threat or going to cops. Mayweather used the word in the spur of moment of anger, and he probably didn’t mean it seriously.

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If he was serious or not, but he will certainly take his revenge on the ring during their match. The Mayweather-Paul bout will certainly collect millions in pay-per-view. Paul’s net worth is estimated around $20 million in 2020, and he would be making around $20 million with his bout against Mayweather.

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