Billie Eilish is a SELL OUT!!!, Says Daily Mail in SEXIST Article, & Fans are Very ANGRY at Them

Fans were thrilled to see popular pop-star, Billie Eilish slaying in a whole new look on the cover of British Vogue. Billie looked stunned her million fans with vintage-inspired lingerie and hairdo — a Marilyn Monroe-inspired. Her new appearance shocked her fans as she always used to wear baggy clothes in her previous Vogue appearance. Also, she has always opted to dress in a layer of baggy clothes, whether in her music video, or in an interview, or even while heading outside the house.

Her fans and everyone on the internet were impressed by her new appearance, except for the British tabloid The Daily Mail. The tabloid reportedly shared the pictures of her new appearance with gross and most sexists headline ever. The Daily Mail wrote that the money can make a person change their values and slammed the pop-singer a Sell Out. Also, the tabloid wrote that her fans were shocked that she swapped her clothes for Vogue, even though vowing to hide her body over the years.

This piece of news article quickly grabbed the internet’s attention and fans started slamming the trash and sexist tabloid. One user wrote that Daily Mail is trying to bash Billie Eilish for just wearing a lingerie instead of the usual baggy clothes. The user added the tabloid cannot embrace the fact that a teenager could actually change her mind and also change her clothes. Another wrote that the celebrities frequently keep reinventing themselves, and it is just natural and not that shocking.

Influencer Emily Clarkson slammed the Daily Mail and edited the gross headline


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Emily Clarkson was among many fans and celebrities who slammed Daily Mail’s sexist headline. Clarkson even fixed the article’s headline and shared on her Instagram account. Later, Billie Eilish also shared the fixed headline on her own official Instagram account. Clarkson edited the headline by writing that any women can change their minds and can reclaim autonomy over their body. This isn’t the first time Daily Mail published a sexist article on Billie Eilish.

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In October last year, Daily Mail published an article claiming that Eilish was seen without her baggy clothes. Clarkson also hit out at that time and edited the headline, that reads, Billie Eilish is photographed without her permission.

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