Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein KNEW EACHOTHER CLOSELY, says Melinda Gates

As we all know Billionaire Bill Gates and Wife Melinda recently announced their divorce after 27 years of married life. The couples are parents of three kids and are owners of billions of wealth. They are founders of Bill Gates foundation, world’s largest private philanthropic organization. According to the sources, the couple after separation too will continue working for the organization.

Now after their separation some secrets are slowly coming out in public. Recently Melinda Gates opened about she waring Gates about Jeffrey Epstein. Melinda met Jeffrey Epstein in New York City. He was with Bill Gates, looking at them Melinda was furious at their relationship.

Is Bill Gates Connections With Jeffrey Led To His And Melinda’s Divorce? 

According to the sources it was said that Jeffrey Epstein was accused of molesting underage girls. The fact that still haunts Melinda. Bill Gates even after knowing this past kept meeting Epstein. Bill Gates and Epstein’s relation can be taken back to 2011 when both meet each other for several times. Three years Epstein faced allegations of molesting underage girls.

Melinda has been planning the divorce since 2019 but it was delayed since their younger child was a minor who turned 18 this year. according to the reports it can be said that Melinda was really upset with Bill Gates and Epstein’s relationship and dealing. It’s not that she recently got upset over this relationship. She has been upset with this relation since 2013.

It is said that she met Epstein for the first time in 2013 and she was very uncomfortable around him. Epstein was arrested and was imprisoned where she committed suicide. His connections are traced back to billionaires, politicians, and members of the royal family. Leslie Wexner, Leon Black, Bill Clinton, Bill Richardson, Nobel Laureates and Prince Andrew were part of his group who were frequently seen at his place

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In a statement, Bill Gates Confirmed that he tried his best to reduce his relationship with Epstein. He says

“I didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with him,”

Bill Gates visited Epstein several times, he even visited his Palatial Manhattan townhouse and it can be said that he once stayed there late at night. Even employees from Gates foundation visited his place frequently. This can be one of the reasons behind his and Melinda’s divorce.

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