21 People DEAD Including WOMEN & CHILDREN in Rocket Attack by Hamas Terrorists

Israel and Hamas have initiated a fight Tuesday May 11 which resulted in heavy firing from both the sides. The threat came from Gaza’s Hamas ruler after hundreds of Palestinians got injured in a clash with the Israeli police in Jerusalem on Monday. 22 Palestinians killed at Gaza, including 9  children were killed due to the heavy firing.

Hamas Israel Began With Rocket Fire. 

The tension between Hamas and Israel has increased in recent days.  Israel’s parliament evacuated soon after getting a warning from the sirens following the rocket fire. In the fight around 15  Hamas militants and commanders were killed. The statement that came from Israel’s Lt Col Jonathan Conricus states –

“We have started, and I repeat started, to attack military targets in Gaza,”

Hamas too confirmed the death of Izzedine al- Qassam Brigades namely Mohammed Abdullah Fayyad.

In an statement, the Prime Minister of Benjamin warned Hamas Saying

“Hamas had crossed a red line and Israel would respond “with great force.”

Orders from the US too came which told Hamas to stop with the rocket fire immediately. In a statement that same from Antony Blinken says

“Hamas needed to end the rocket attacks immediately, all sides need to de-escalate, reduce tensions, take practical steps to clam things down.”

Over 200 rockets were fired towards Israel by the Palestinian militants since Monday.  90 percent of which are coming from it’s iron dome missile defence system. In the heavy fire around 6 Israelis got injured.

In response to the rocket fire Israel too attacked the military camps with fighter jets and attack helicopter with 130 strikes. This also includes areas like weapon manufacturing and storage facilities, military training centres and the home of Hamas commanders.

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The tension between Israel and Hamas began since 2017 when the roits between police and Palestinians took place and thousands of Palestinians were injured. This took place on the last day of Ramadan visited the Al – Aqsa mosque.

The Qassam Brigades told the sources that

“The enemy must understand well: if you respond we will respond and if you escalate we will escalate.”

This rocket fire is not taking innocent lives but it also took away people’s houses6 and properties. We all hope this fight end soo6 there is peace between the two rivals.

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