PlayStation 5 Will Remain in Short Supply Till Next Year, Warns Sony

Are you a hardcore gamer or want to purchase your first Playstation then this article is going to be a little heartbreaking for you. As we all know sony already launched their brand new Playstation named Playstation 5.

But the officials of sony already announced that there will be a little shortage of this console that’s why there is a huge demand of it in the market. So, if you already ordered it and get it in your hand then I have to admire that you are too much lucky especially on thia matter. So, let’s discuss about this incident and what may be the scenario that we see in future.

About the shortage of Playstation 5

Recently in an interview sony confess that there is a shortage of their latest console PlayStation 5. But they tried too hard to fulfill the market demand but unfortunately, till now it’s not enough. As we all know, in the previous year, the month of November the console released globally. But from that time, it creat a huge demand by the gamers and sony could not fulfill that.

In a financial report, sony disclosed that till the end of March they sold 7.8 million units of PlayStation 5. Now they are trying to get the number of 14.8 million units at least at the end of this year. But still the number is too low. Because the PlayStation 4 sold total of 115.9 million units globally. So, it’s quite obvious that the number should increase for this latest console.

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The officials said the main reason for this is the unavailability of raw material. Because the parts and all for the console is not getting properly. Mainly the shortage of this cause create a demand of PlayStation 5.

When may it available?

The officials says they trying their best to fix this. But they don’t think that they can fulfill this in the current year. So, the shortage of supply may continue till the next year. After that, the supply may available and you can buy it easily. But till now it looks a slightly difficult to get this.


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