Multiple Explosion in Afghanistan Girls School, Killing 85 People and More than 100 Injured

On 8th May 2021, an appalling Bomb explosion happened near a school west of Kabul, Afghanistan. The destruction nearly killing 85 people and 100 injured school students.

As we all know, the conflict between Afghan and the Taliban has been a long war for more than a decade. And the Government, on the other hand, trying its acme to bring out the peace between them. As far, no information corroborated about the attackers who are behind this brutal act. But Afghan Government and other higher officials blamed the Taliban.

When did the incident happen? What really happened?

The explosion happened on Saturday, where a car parked in front of the Sayed Al-Shuhada School. Official Afghan officials said, “There was three explosive happened, where the first bomb caused a massive destruction to the school girls mainly.”

Multiple explosion was set near the Girls School entrance, which took place when they all are heading back to home. When the first Bomb blast from a vehicle, leaving most damage in a Shiite neighborhood in the west of the Capital. When the first Bomb exploded making everyone daunt, followed by two others.

After ten minutes of the first explosion, followed by two more bombings- leaving the school girl wounded. The school follows a rule, where boys attend the classes in the morning, whereas Girl in the afternoon. Sadly that dark day made some families to lose their daughters. The attack targeted Women workers and Shiite Muslims who are residing in the west of the Capital.

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Forthwith after the incident, Ambulance came to the spot and taking myriad bodies on the Stretcher to the hospital. Moreover, it is reported that many school girls are injured in the blast. While the ambulance leaving the scene, angry people throwing stones that makes even virulence to health workers.

Who is Behind this Egregious Act? Did the Afghan Government react?

The president of Afghanistan finds the Taliban reprehensible for this cruelty, but one of the spokespeople from the Taliban refuted the involvement. Many countries condemned their deepest sympathy for those who have lost their daughters in an inhuman act.

The primary target for this attack is Afghanistan’s ethnic Hazaras assumed. It is said that the purpose of the violence’s mainly against Islamic State. Afghanistan officials are deep bemoaning of the brutal act that took nearly 85 lives and 100 injures.

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