Daily Mail Calls Billie Eilish a SELL OUT!!! Upsetting the Singer with SEXIST!!! Article

Sometimes it is not easy for one to accept the way they are. We all are very conscious in a way or another, how we look, how are body looks, how the clothes we wear look on us. Similarly, it is harder to accept the body shape you have, whether it’s skinny or it is curvy, one face body-shaming in a way or another. With the growing mindsets of people, we expect them to see a person beyond his or her body. Similarly, Billie Eilish which is a known name for all of us faced similar issues regarding her body. It was said, she had a hard time accepting her body and she used to cover or hide it with baggy clothes. Let’s just think about what must be the reason for the same, her body or our mentality?

Billie Eilish updated look!!

Billie Eilish, who is a 19 years old pop star used to wear baggy clothes, and her signature hairstyle used to be short and black hair with a little neon green on the front but then she decided to change. She dyed her hair blond and Instagram couldn’t keep calm and her instagram post on the same got a number of likes within a short period of time. Similarly, This young pop star decided to blow her fans’ minds again by changing her style as well. she decides to change her look and as per some of her recent posts, it can be seen that Billie opted for a vintage style. She introduced a total look on the cover of Vogue. She is wearing a vintage-style lingerie with a hairdo inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

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Billie Eilish Slams The Daily Mail for Calling Her SELL OUT and Sexist Article

Billie Eilish shared a meme and slams The Daily Mail through it, Why?

Billie Eilish has always be seen in baggy clothes, so it was quite shocking but should be in a good way but some people can not digest if one is trying to be happy as they always have a will to put up their trashy opinion. Even though Billie Eilish shared that she loves to wear baggy clothes, it’s her choice to switch it and try something new. The Daily Mail did the same and posted a story with Billie’s photo in lingerie and gave a trashy headline to it as well. As per the headline, it was said that money can make someone change their ethics and sell out. It was later changed after it became a viral meme on internet. They changed it after being the talk of the internet. Billie Eilish also shared the meme and slammed them for the same.


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