China WEAPONIZING!!! COVID Virus to Use on USA and INDIA in Potential War

China’s Plan to Use Coronavirus as A Biological Weapon: Reports Claim.

US State Department claims that China was planning to use Coronavirus disease as a biological weapon from 2015. They have also predicted World War III weaponizing the virus. International newspapers have targeted China with documents obtained from US State Department. Check out all the details.

Chinese Military to Bring World War III

UK tabloid ‘The Sun reported that the leads and documents are officially released by ‘The Australian’. The documents are about the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA)’s prediction on Coronavirus and World War III. The documents were written by military scientists and senior public health officials in China in 2015. It was an investigation paper on the origins of Coronavirus. As presented by the US officials, the document quotes SARS CoVID-19 as a “new era of genetic weapons”.

China’s Plan to Use Coronavirus as A Biological Weapon: Reports Claim

The PLA documents also talk about how this deadly virus will be a threat to World’s healthcare system. It addressed this biological weapon can make the “enemy’s medical system collapse”. According to ‘The Sun’ article, the documents also mention about 2003 SARS hit on China and how this ‘man-made’ weapon brings ‘terrorism’. Another interesting part of the document includes a statement: the virus tends to be “artificially manipulated into an emerging human disease virus, then weaponized and unleashed in a way never seen before.”

Reactions of Other Countries

The major reactions came from the Australian government. Politician James Peterson raised his concerns on the topic. According to Peterson: “This document raises major concerns about the ambitions of some of those who advise the top party leadership.” On the other hand, the executive director of Australian Strategic Policy Institute Peter Jennings told: “…..Chinese scientists were thinking about military application for different strains of the coronavirus and thinking about how it could be deployed.”

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China’s Plan to Use Coronavirus as A Biological Weapon: Reports Claims

On the authenticity of the document, cybersecurity specialist Robert Potter claimed that the documents are original. He told news.com.au that: “We reached a high confidence conclusion that it was genuine…It’s not fake but it’s up to someone else to interpret how serious it is.”

China’s Comeback

It will be quite surprising if China did not reply back to these allegations. And so they did. A Beijing newspaper denied all the allegations made by Australia. It simply slammed it. However, the director and professor of the Australian Studies Center, Chen Hong of East China Normal University blamed the Australian government to criticize China. He claimed that Australian media is ‘twisting’ the fact of an academic book on bioterrorism.

China’s Plan to Use Coronavirus as A Biological Weapon: Reports Claims

He told: “It is a shame for anti-China forces in Australia to back their own ideology against China at the expanse of basic professional journalism ethics, conspiring to twist the real meaning of the book.”

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