Modi Wasting Billions on Building Residence While Thousands of People are Dying Daily

India is currently going under a traumatized situation. The world is aware of it too. Covid-19 second wave is surging on India for the past few months. Shortage of Oxygen, vaccines, and medications has been the central topic for World News. But what about the leader himself?

PM Modi’s Lavish Bungalow on The Making

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s tactics and procedures for handling the Covid-19 second wave are been criticised. According to many political experts he has failed to save his democracy. Now another deed of Modi is raising question again- his spending billions building his brand new mansion. That is when, his country people are dying in thousands.

Modi Wasting Billions on Building Residence While Thousands of People are Dying Daily

As a part of the Central Vista project, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will build a new residence, completing on December 2022. Modi is spending approximately, 13,450 crore India rupees to build his new home. It will be located on Delhi, capturing the place of like 50 football fields. Indian Express shared all the possible details of the campus. 10 buildings on the campus will used for PM’s personal residence, a new parliament, 10 buildings for official government uses, another 29 buildings will be used as vice president’s requirements. Also nine sewage treatments and few thousand plantations are added on Modi’s wish list.

Criticism by The Opponents

Opponents of Modi’s BJP, especially Congress are questioning Modi’s dignity. How can he overlook the crisis of Covid and spending this much on building new house? Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi tweeted: “When the people of the country are struggling with shortage of oxygen, vaccines, hospital beds, medicines, then it would be better is the government put all the resources in the work of saving the lives of the people, instead of constructing a new house of 13,000 crores.”

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Modi Wasting Billions on Building Residence While Thousands of People are Dying Daily

Rahul Gandhi also said: “Rs 13,450 crores for Central Vista. Or, for fully vaccinated 45 crore Indians. Or, for 1 crore oxygen cylinders. Or, to give 2 crore families NYAY of Rs. 6000. But, PM’s ego is bigger than people’s lives.”

International Media’s Rage

This whole circus has grabbed the attention of international media as well. Apart from international celebrities helping the country, the media is helping by pointing out the faults of system. A British Newspaper wrote: ““within a mile or two (of the Central Vista House), people were still dying for lack of care in the dusty streets”. Daily Mall stated: “The monstrous monument to Narendra Modi’s ego: As millions suffer in pandemic, India’s narcissistic Prime Minister is building a vast folly at a cost that could fund 40 major hospitals. Now his nation is in an uproar.”

Modi Wasting Billions on Building Residence While Thousands of People are Dying Daily

The elections of states West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam and union territory, Pondicherry has created havoc and increased the positive cased all over the country. India is burning and PM’s only primal duty right now is to overcome this situation by spending money on the right side. India currently needs a required number of medicines, Remdisivir, vaccines, and Oxygen not a lavish bungalow or the World’s finest cricket stadium.

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