Israeli Forces ATTACKED Palestinian Muslims while they were PRAYING!!!, Supported by American Republicans, Says Bernie Sanders

The Israeli police forces charged on Muslim Palestinians at Al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem, while they were performing Ramadan prayers. This comes amid the tensions between Israeli settlers and Palestinians as the former are trying to evict the Palestinian families. Both the parties are involved in a long-running legal case, which may lead to the eviction of the Palestinian families living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

On Friday, The Israeli authorities cracked down at Al-Aqsa mosque, where Palestinians were praying for Ramadam — Muslim’s holiest month in the year. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that around 205 people were injured during the clash at the mosque. Also, at least 17 police officers suffered injuries during the attack on the worshipers. Following the prayers, some worshipers stayed to protest the eviction of Palestinian families.

The incident and the long-running legal battle has caught the global attention. Many activists and international figures believe that the evictions of Palestinians should not go ahead. Senator Bernie Sanders also expressed his concerns over the inhumane treatment of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. He strongly believes that the evictions of Palestinians should not go forward in any way possible.

Some American Republics have, however, expressed their support for Israeli settlers.

Sanders, who is a Vermont independent and also a prominent progressive, tweeted on Saturday that the US must speak out against the brutal violence instigated by government-allied forces and Israeli extremists. Not only Sanders, but also several other progressive lawmakers raised concerns over the rise of violence in East Jerusalem. Senator Elizabeth Warren also tweeted on Saturday, mentioning that the eviction of Palestinians is abhorrent and unacceptable.

She also asked the US administration to make clear to the Israeli government that such violence and evictions are illegal and should be stopped immediately. A New York democrat and representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also shared a similar opinion claiming that the US stands in solidarity with the Palestinian families. She further added that the US should show leadership to protect the human rights of these Palestinians.

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The Israeli officers and Palestinians had another clash on Saturday, where at least 100 people suffered injuries. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that all the injured people were Palestinians protestors. Rubber bullets or stun grenades fired by the police officers injured the protestors.

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