Amber Heard is going to PRISON if Found GUILTY of Lying in Johnny Depp Abuse Case

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard divorce saga is still continuing and recently had a major development. According to the recent reports, the Aquaman actress is reportedly being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department. The report also added that the actress may potentially face a jail time, if the investigation founds her guilty. This investigation is related to the 2016 incident in downtown L.A. penthouse.

Amber Heard alleged that her former husband hit her in the face in 2016. The former couple had had multiple legal battles over the years, and the question always rises whether the 2016 had happened or not. BILD, a German news website reported that the LA Police Department are looking for the facts to clearly understand whether Heard had falsified the domestic abuse allegation.

Adam Waldman, Depp’s lawyer reportedly gave the statement to the German outlet. He confirmed to the outlet that the investigation is really taking place. Furthermore, the lawyer also made some serious allegations against the 35-year-old actress. Waldman has alleged that his client never hit her and the actress herself staged the whole thing. Heard had help from her friend Rocky Pennington to stage the crime scene.

The 2016 incident’s crime scene was staged and an enormous lie!

Waldman told the outlet that the testimonies given by the officers responded to the incident suggest otherwise from Amber’s story. LAPD also introduced body camera footage from the officers who arrived at the penthouse in 2016. Heard previously claimed that her ex-husband hit her by throwing a phone at her. Depp also allegedly trashed the penthouse, spilling the red wines over the walls and rugs.

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However, in the recent testimony from the responding officers, they didn’t recall such spillages over the house. Also, the body-cam recordings doesn’t support Heard’s recollection of the incident. There is not any video evidence to prove the authenticity of the crime incident back in 2016. Johnny Depp recently lost the UK libel case, that went to Heard’s and The Sun’s favor. He appealed the case, but was denied by the UK court.

Next, the former couple will be appearing in yet another legal battle in the US.

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