Meghan Markle RUSHED to Hospital for ‘UNKNOWN’ Reason, is it Related to her PREGNANCY

Meghan Markle arranged herself to attend the event to respect the Duke of Edinburgh-Prince Philip. After two days, Meghan rushed to the hospital for a secret birth. It is already said by the doctors that “Meghan was about to give birth anytime”. 

The couple planned for a home birth at the family’s property in California’s Montecito. But ultimately rushed to the hospital as the unborn child is ready any moment. 

The gender of the baby is already known all over the world, where the couple opened up in the Interview with Orphan. As Meghan was treated ill by the Palace, while she was carrying Archie. So we expect that the couple is surreptitiously welcoming their second child without intimating to the public.  

Is it true that Meghan Markle Gave Birth? Did Meghan and Harry welcome their Second Child?

According to some reports, for instance, Insider reporters said that the baby girl is already here, secretly making an arrangement to move the baby and mother Markle out of the hospital. But other reports, still progressing what’s the reason behind the hurry sped off Markle and harry to the hospital. Moreover, Archie is calling out “Big Brother” saying tacitly that baby is here. 

In the interview with Orphan, the couple planned to make a home birth under the supervision of a midwife, but a sudden bemoan happened in the family. The doctors highly recommend Meghan not to Travel and that too during this pandemic.

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But to venerate the late Prince Philip, the couple went to the funeral, where she was rushed to the hospital because of prenatal. 

Meghan Markle RUSHED to Hospital for 'UNKNOWN' Reason, is it Related to her PREGNANCY

Why did Meghan Markle rush to the Hospital?

Prince Harry hurried to see his beloved wife- Meghan who was hospitalized because the baby girl was about to deliver than expected. Harry skipped the Queen’s milestone 95th Birthday and went to see his wife who was due sooner than the expected time in June.

Last week, Meghan was taken to the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Meghan spotted in the public- looking “very bumpy with her second child on belly”. The Santa Barbara Cottage hospital provides the best security, evidently saying that ‘best choice to welcome their second child secretly’. The Couple posted a picture of Archie turning two years old on 7th May 2021, but it is still bewildered whether Meghan has delivered the child or yet to be. 

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