Kim Kardashian SMUGGLING LOOTED Art , People are infuriated Over Allegations

Kim Kardashian, popular businesswoman, American television personality, repeatedly found in news and this time the news divulge that involving in the act of smuggling a Roman Sculpture an Antique piece, from Italy, earlier on May 4 2021, U.S Government has filed a civil suit against her.

The scandal involving looting the Roman Sculpture DRAMA

As per the source, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West were alleged for illegally importing the Antique Fragment in march 11,2016 and the fragment was seized to enter at Los Angeles port. However,  with the incorrect documentation, they managed to get the art piece. as per AFP, court documents conspiracy involving a reputable dealer and the importer name was listed as ” KIM KARDASHIAN DBA NOEL ROBERTS TRUST  in Woodland Hills , California”.

The close examination reveals that the art piece was actually stolen in past and it was believed that smugglers have exploited and sold those illegally. This particular artwork has huge history before it reaching KIM’s family, it was originally passed from an English Estate German auction house in Paris and later it might have reached to dealer based in Belgium, who sold to MS Kardashian in early 2016.

Belgian art dealer and designer Alex VERVOORDT is a friend of MS AND MR WEST has purchased in 2012 at Paris Galerie CHANEL, which believed that brought from GERMAN COLLECTION IN 1980.The documents further details about shipment previously shipped to Los Angeles about $745,882.00.

As per the data obtained from The Independent, the dealer and designer stated that they have acquired this piece in good faith from a French gallery again direct link to ANNE SOPHIE, from ALEX VERVOORDT galley has also brought in good faith as the dealers. Nevertheless, the controversy, customs broker claimed that the artwork is not from the Italy.

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Actually the suspicion dates back to 2018 when Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage and an archeologist working at the museum, given the statement that the artwork ” was looted, smuggled and illegally exported from Italy” . according to a bilateral agreement between Italy and the United states “efforts should be made for the return of the defendant statute” .

Kim’s spokesperson have denied her involvement of the illegal purchase of the Antique piece . KIM has spoken on this issue stating she never purchased this piece and its the first time she has learned of its existence. the spokesperson further said that it might have purchased using her name without authorization also they would cooperate with the further investigation said a statement to CNN.

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