Kim Jong Un THREATING USA with Hostile Response after Joe Biden’s Policy Change

President Biden described Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear programs as a serious threat to American and global security in his Wednesday address to a joint session of Congress, promising to react with “diplomacy and stern deterrence”.

White House statement…

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said on Friday that the administration had completed a review of its strategy toward North Korea, with the aim of completing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but with the strong understanding that previous administrations’ efforts had failed to achieve this goal.
In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s and Barack Obama’s failures, Biden’s administration has taken a new approach to the North Korean crisis.
Their new strategy will seek to strike a balance between President Donald Trump’s grand negotiating leader-to-leader diplomacy and President Barack Obama’s arms-length approach to the crisis, proposing a calibrated tactical approach to diplomacy with the intention of removing the danger to the US.
Kim Jong Un THREATING USA with Hostile Response after Joe Biden's Policy Change
Biden’s strategy, according to the US Secretary of State, will not be focused on achieving grand negotiating or relying on static patients, but rather on pursuing a calibrated realistic approach with that it is accessible and we’ll explore diplomacy with North Korea while having a practical Congress on increasing protection for the US and its allies, she said.

In a press conference on Friday, the secretary also said that Washington has been trying to make diplomatic contact with North Korea since February but has received no response. They also downplayed the fact that North Korea did not test a short-range missile last month, saying it was only routine military action.

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North Korea responds angrily…

North Korea retaliated furiously, claiming that the remark was unacceptable and that it represented an extraordinary tale from the US.

His explicit statement reflected his aim to continue imposing a hostile policy on the DPRK, also known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as the US has done for the past half-century, according to the foreign minister’s department of affairs, who used the country’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, in his statement.

Kim Jong Un THREATING USA with Hostile Response after Joe Biden's Policy Change

He claimed to be a superior signboard for the US aggressive toward North Korea, such as joint military drills with South Korea, while Washington’s talk of deterrence was nothing more than a way to threaten the nation with nuclear weapons, North Korea, he added, needs to develop its own effective deterrent to fight the US. The US will face force and a crisis beyond the reach of the modern future it is set an approach to DPRK is still keeping obsolete strategy from a cold war minded perspective and a viewpoint, according to Kwon.

He also said that Mr. Biden told a joint session of Congress during his 100th day in office that North Korea’s nuclear program, as well as the Iranian President’s nuclear program, pose a significant threat to America’s and the world’s stability. He added that we will be working closely with our allies to resolve the challenges posed by both countries through diplomacy and deterrence.

He also said in his declaration that during his election campaign, Mr. Biden called him a “thug” and that a nuclear assessment of North Korea must be completed before the US imposes crippling economic sanctions and the UN could be comfortable, and he also said that the United States is his country’s greatest enemy, allowing him to show off his nuclear weapons, but he did not rule out diplomacy, saying that in order to defend his country, he needs to make it secure.

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