Ellen Degeneres Show Getting CANCELLED by Producers after Losing 1 Million View amid Abuse Allegations

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is the one of the popular comedy talk show on TV. Since its debut in 2003, the show has successfully run over seventeen seasons, and is currently running on the eighteenth one. Ellen recently celebrated the 3000th episode of the show where she invited popular celebrities like Adam Levine from the Hollywood. However, things aren’t going smooth for the show as it used to before.

The reports claim that the show has reportedly lost whooping one million viewers this season. For many years, multiple rumors spread through the internet claiming that Ellen isn’t nice what she appears to be on TV. Ellen and her show received major backlash last year after report claiming the toxic work environment popped up. The daytime TV show is silently losing the viewership in huge numbers.

DeGeneres found herself in a controversy after BuzzFeed news published a report about the show’s toxic workplace environment. The report claimed that former employees of the show has alleged that they had suffered intimidation, racism, and fear, while working on set. Not only that, some ex-employees were also the victim of alleged sexual assault from the Ellen show producers.

The producers are reportedly working to cancel the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Ellen DeGeneres has still a season left in her contract at the moment. The producers and the 63-year-old host hasn’t yet signed a new agreement for future projects. Fans doubt that of the show’s continuation beyond the nineteenth season. Since the viewership is decreasing by huge numbers, the producers may feel that it won’t be a good idea to continue with the new seasons.

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When the show premiered for the 18th season in September 2020, the show’s viewership decreased by 38% as compared to the previous season. Ellen even issued an on-air apology for the recent controversies, but that didn’t prevent her from facing hard times. Warner Bros. conducted an official investigation following the allegations, and found out the deficiencies in the show’s workplace.

Kevin Leman, the head writer and executive producer, along with fellow executive producers Jonathan Norman and Ed Galvin were fired from the show. Even after firing the executive producers and Ellen taking the responsibility, the show’s viewership continued to fail. The current season may potentially be the final season of long-running and 61 Daytime Emmy Awards-winning TV show.

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