David Dobrik INJURED Jeff Wittek For VIEW!!!!, Claims Scotty Sire

Anything for the view is the current situation of the world, although is this what happened in David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek’s incident. Was the massive injuries were only for views!! Are the most burning questions on the internet nowadays? Scotty Sire former member of the Vlog Squad claims that “David Dobrik wanted the Vlog Squad members to get injured during shooting stunts for the vlogs. He said this referring to a clip from a podcast episode in 2019.

Scotty Sire’s Allegations.  

David Dobrik INJURED Jeff Wittek For VIEW!!!!, Claims Scotty Sire

As it is already known, that Scotty Sire was a member of the Vlog Squad. The highly popular YouTube Collective started off from David Dobrik’s channel and gradually earned its own fame. The Vlog Squad created content where the crew used t hang out, party, and perform stunts which gained millions of views. The crew gained a huge amount of views and ratings until they went on hiatus once the pandemic started last year in March.

Jeff Wittek and Sire two Squad members hosted a podcast together where they mentioned vlogs they have been a part of. The Podcast took was shot from April to November 2019 and it was called “Skocast”. There they spoke about a vlog by the Vlog Squad which involved a motorcycle. In the Podcast Wittek said that he didn’t really know how to ride a motorcycle but to help ‘David’ get a vlog he recklessly rode the motorcycle.

In the Podcast, Wittek said,” David in the car and he is filming me and I was getting better on the wheelies good, and he’s like, he’s getting g too good now. He wanted something to happen” as claimed by Sire about the motorcycle vlog. Sire added,” that’s the worst thing about vlogging”.

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Referring to this Podcast Sire claimed that David Dobrik wanted squad members to be injured while shooting for stunts to gain views for the vlog.

There was not a Single Incident

David Dobrik INJURED Jeff Wittek For VIEW!!!!, Claims Scotty Sire

Firstly, there was Wittek’s incident in 2020 where he seriously injured himself while swinging from an excavator. The allegations against Dobrik became strong as he was controlling the excavator. The clip of the incident has been circulating online for one year now. It so happened, Wittek was swinging around the excavator which was being filmed. The footage showed him flying around in the air at high speed until he smashed his head to the machine arm. As a result of this dangerous incident, Wittek went through multiple surgeries to realign his eye. Wittek wrote on Instagram that the accident broke his face and skull in few places.

Not only that another Vlog Squad member Heath Hussar was seen limping on a TikTok video compilation made by a fan. He was apparently limping because of diving onto a table for a video intro. There are sexual assault controversies binding around the Vlog Squad as well.

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