Brad Pitt PHYSICALLY ABUSED!!! Angelina Jolie During Marriage, New Court Documents Reveal

Ex-wife Angelina Jolie and the custody battle are being blamed for Brad Pitt’s deteriorating health. Reportedly, Brad Pitt is currently stuck in a wheelchair and is losing weight. The star actor is somewhat fading away. Who is to blame?

The wheelchair

The news which has been on top of the chart of tabloids, gossips and social media is Brad Pitt is in a wheelchair. The rumor spread claims that apparently, Pitt has lost 20 pounds, he is rapidly losing weight, stuck with sleepless nights and he is skipping meals as well. This news is all over the place since Brad Pitt was spotted leaving a medical facility in Los Angeles in a wheelchair.

Brad Pitt PHYSICALLY ABUSED!!! Angelina Jolie During Marriage, New Court Documents Reveal

Heartthrob Brad Pitt is allegedly deteriorating day by day in reference to his health over the ongoing custody battle with Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie. He is as claimed unable to sleep or eat because Jolie is giving him a tough time. Fans claim based on gossips, “It’s shocking to see him appear this run-down and broken, but everyone is worried the ongoing war over kids is stressing him out. It’s his worst nightmare but in a twisted way Angie’s dream come true”.

What actually happened?

Brad Pitt’s representative completely shuts down the story by telling the truth to the world. He attested that it was not true that Pitt is losing weight or deteriorating health-wise, or for that matter is sitting in a wheelchair over Angelina Jolie or the custody war. Brad Pitt was in a wheelchair because of a wisdom teeth removal surgery.

The main reason behind Pitt being in a wheelchair was the general aesthetic for a wisdom teeth removal and not the custody war. The representative claimed that it was pretty normal for people to be frail, unconscious, or weak after a wisdom teeth surgery. As per hospital regulations, the patient is provided with a wheelchair. This is what exactly happened in Los Angeles.

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Celebrities Are Prone to gossips.

Brad Pitt saying hello to Jennifer Aniston at Golden Globes literally broke the internet. Just a hello was enough for the Tabloid to report that both of them were island-owning newlyweds with kids on their way. Thus, Brad Pitt being in a wheelchair can provide an illustrious amount of stories.

Brad Pitt PHYSICALLY ABUSED!!! Angelina Jolie During Marriage, New Court Documents Reveal

Similarly, it was said that Angelina Jolie was subjected to body-shaming stories. The tabloid reported that Angelina Jolie was starving herself over the custody battle. Though the custody battle was not the reason gossips and scandals made it look like that.

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