24 People CRUSHED TO DEATH in Mexico after Subway Overpass Collapse

Everyone knows that a devastating accident has had happened on Monday overnight in Mexico. An overpass of Mexico City’s metro collapsed yesterday night. CCTV footage of the accident soon became viral. A train bogey was hanging, crushing the road in 2 parts, cars rummaged below it. 24 deaths have been reported till now. The victim’s family shared their search stories for dear ones. Here are the details.

Samuel’s Search for Immer

Mexico Metro collapse took 24 lives and injured more than 74 people. One of the victims was Immer Del Aguila. His father Samuel Del Aguila shared his search story, which is heart-breaking. Samuel told to Reuters that, usually Immer took the overpass road to come home from his job. The Sooner they saw the metro collapse news and started to worry. On Monday, when Immer did not arrive home on time Samuel began the search. He called Immer’s cellphone numerous times. Finally, the answer came but it was not Immer. The person on the other side told Samuel that he ‘found his cellphone’.

24 People CRUSHED TO DEATH in Mexico after Subway Overpass Collapse

Del Aguila searched near the hospital for Immers, and could not find him. They went to the prosecutor’s office. There Samuel was told to see victims’ bodies- “They told us to come here to see if he was with those who did not survive. And unfortunately, he was.” Samuel’s anger bursts while questioning the system to take the blame for this accident.

No Trace for Daniel

Another intriguing story shows the declining condition of the health department. Jorge Hernandez was desperately searching for Daniel, his 28-year-old nephew. He was actually gravely injured and moved to other hospitals. Jorge eventually found him through lady: “A lady found his phone… and it was the lady who contacted my brother last night.”

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24 People CRUSHED TO DEATH in Mexico after Subway Overpass Collapse

Jorge shared that, during the incident, Daniel was hit on his abdomen. He underwent abdominal surgery and moved to another hospital by helicopter. They have faced so many problems to gather this information- “It is not the moment for the bureaucracy”. He added: “We are used to it, sadly. Politicians are used to investing 35% and stealing 65%. It is sad to see how they steal money.”


Many of these stories are waving in the accident spot. Families were not even able to identify their near ones. The metro, however, built just 10 years ago. The overpass of this metro has collapsed in Line 12. Common people’s allegations to the authority are natural. Meanwhile, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador responded in a press conference on Tuesday that, the authority will ‘punish’ the responsible the constructors and related people to the crash and also an investigation will be conducted.

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