Who is Dennis Sansoucie and What Happened Between Him and Aaron Hernandez? Everything You Need to Know.

In Aaron Hernandez’s Killer Inside Netflix’s true crime docuseries we were introduced to Dennis Sansoucie. This series depicts various aspects of his life along with covering Aaron Hernandez’s life. This series takes us back to Hernandez’s past life, childhood and discloses deep secrets of his life. Aaron Hernandez and Dennis Sansoucie were schoolmates and later became best friends.

Dennis Sansoucie And Aaron Hernandez’s Friendship And Relationship.

Since middle school they both were friends. With time their bond grew stronger. They later played football for the Bristol Central High School. Dennis was played as a quarterback where as Aaron played tightrope for the team. They archived nine touchdown completions just within the four matches they played. They used to smoke marijuana before their football practices.

When they entered junior high school on the first day, they both were intoxicated. Dennis SanSoucie joined the forces soon after he completed his schooling. Football and forces was a medium for both of them to keep their sexuality a secret. It was only Aaron’s death that Dennis came out in front of his family for the first time. Aaron committed suicide in 2017 which came as a major shock to Dennis.

He at that time said that his friend Aaron was tired –

“Aaron was tired depressed and struggling”

he even says that it’s he who motivated him to come out –

“I really, truly feel in my heart I got thumbs – up from him.”

Some sources says that the duo was secretly in relationship since their school days. It all began with a normal friendship which later turned into a relationship. Since 7th grade they were in an on and off relationship. He also spoke about the first time he meet Aaron.

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He says –

“When I met Aaron, it was like meeting your twin brother. It so funny: we were both the same. He has dimples, we’re both ‘cheesy smile’, all happy. He used to be able to make everyone laugh,”

Further he says –

“We walked right up to the school… like kings s**t. Quarterback, tight end, stone happy… we used to love horseplaying and having fun with each other because we were just kids full of life,”

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