Taylor Swift Is Working on her Next Album After Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’s Success

After the Huge accomplishment of Taylor Swift’s Re-recorded Album-Fearless (Taylor’s Version) with breaking numerous records, her next album may drop soon! In her most recent tweet, Taylor revealed that she is currently re-recording her next album in the studio.

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Taylor Swift Is Working on her Next Album After Fearless (Taylor's Version)'s Success

Taylor Swift is making her Second Album

Taylor Swift’s new re-recorded album may be prepared soon. The artist took to Twitter and uncovered that she has started re-recording one of her old albums and is presently spending most of her energy in the studio. Taylor Swift tweeted this update as her most recent album Fearless (Taylor’s Version) topped the Billboard 200 as soon it was released.

Presently Swift has given a Big update about her next re-recorded album. In a new reaction to Billboard’s report, Taylor Swift revealed that she has been occupied in the studio throughout the day recording her next project. Have a look at her tweet.

Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift decided to re-record her first six albums after her previous label Big Machine author Scooter Braun decided to sell the experts of these collections without Taylor’s earlier approval. Subsequently, Taylor is currently re-recording these albums to diminish the original value in the market. Discussing Taylor Swift’s next re-recorded album, many Swifties believe that Taylor Swift’s next re-recorded album may be 1989.

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The most recent hint was Taylor’s new meeting with Stephen Colbert on his talk program. Many Swifties took to Twitter and brought up a portion of the Easter Eggs that Taylor Swift dropped during this appearance. Directly from an image of Stephen Colbert from 1989 to a seagull that was seen on the 1989 album cover. Let’s have a look at these Easter Eggs about Taylor Swift’s album 1989 below.

Taylor Swift-‘The Queen of 2020’

Taylor Swift ruled 2020 with two back-to-back albums, folklore and evermore. She also won the Album of the Year award for the third time for folklore. This award made Taylor Swift the first female artist to achieve this honor.

Be that as it may, this wasn’t the end, Taylor Swift was prepared to beat out all competitors again with the re-recorded form of her Fearless collection named Fearless (Taylor’s version) premiered on April 9 and soon went high up in several music charts and even topped the Billboard Top 200 chart!

Taylor Swift Is Working on her Next Album After Fearless (Taylor's Version)'s Success

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