RACIST Killer Cop Back on Duty After Killing Unarmed Black Man Last Year

Garrett Rolfe the police officer who was suspended from his duty by the Atlanta Civil Service Board. The suspension was because he open fired on Rayshard Brooks at the Wendy’s parking lot last summer.

On Wednesday the board declares it’s decision on and said:

” Due to the city’s failure to comply with several provisions of the code and the information received during witnesses’ testimony, the Board concludes the appellant was not afforded his right due process. Therefore, the Board Grants the appeal of Garrett Rolfe and revokes his dismissal as an employee of the Atlanta Police Department.”

Who is Garrett Rolf And Was He Suspended?

Rolfe shot Mr.Brooks in his back last year. To suspend him from the duty was the right decision taken by the board last year was the right decision at the right time.

Rolf still faces the murder charges for killing Brooks. The case is under some legal  termoil due to which the matter was getting delayed. It was only during the last month that the Board took the decision to revoke his suspension. He will be on administrative leave until the time his all the charges get’s cleared.

In the press conference which was held in the afternoon the legal representative L. Chris Stewart who was also involved with the George Floyd matter, along with Justin Miller are blaming the city for rushing the legal matter and undermined real justice. They says that

“The case was not taken seriously by city leaders and that there was a pattern of being ignored in thier efforts to resolve a civil case against the city because of the lack of cooperation, they would now ne filing a lawsuit against Atlanta.”

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Mayor Kaisha Lance Bottoms in her law statement said

” Given the volatile state of our  city and nation last summer, the decision to terminate this officer, after he fatally shot Mr. Brooks in the back, was the right thing to do. Had immediate action not been taken, I firmly believe that the public safety crisis we experienced during that time would have been significantly worse,”

After the boards decision to revoke Rolf’s suspension the there was a protest that took place out side the Board. This shows how unhappy the people are because of board’s decision.

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