IOS 14.5: Release Date and Everything to know about the new iPhone Features Coming

Apple announced the new iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 update will be available to everyone starting next week. It was declared in the press release of the new AirTag tracker which would only function on devices with the latest iOS 14.5 updates.

New Important Features:

The new features will include a range of options for the voice of Siri which till now has just been a single default voice option available. It has been difficult to unlock your phone with face recognition technology while wearing mask in public places in this pandemic. Apple has come with a solution for this recent problem with the update. The new feature would allow you to unlock your phone with an apple watch while wearing a mask. It also comes with new app tracking transparency policies such as apps that would require your permission to track your browsing or other app activities. It would support the soon releasing AirTag which is a tracker to allow you to find your items. Adding to that, the update will also support PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers.

IOS 14.5: Release Date and Everything to know about the new iPhone Features Coming

New Updates:

A new update would allow you to tell Siri your preferred apps, it would slowly adapt to your preferred setting apps and in time would no longer ask you to specify what application you want to use for a certain action. Update for the Podcast app with little changes in the management and designs. Maps would update to show you if any location in your path is crowded by determining the number of people during that exact time. iOS 14.5 will support 5G in dual sim mode. It would also have Battery Health recalibration to show the actual estimate of the battery health, it is supposed to be available for iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone max. Lastly, it would have improved emojis with different skin tones.

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The release date is not specified yet but it is scheduled to release in the next week. The new iOS update is supposed to be available for iPhones SE and the next generations. The iOS 14.5 is to be already installed in the upcoming Apple Releases.

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