DISABLED Farmer Denied Covid Aid by Joe Biden because ‘HE IS WHITE

Wisconsin farmer protests against racism by suing President Biden’s administration. The issue is about the Covid-19 loan forgiveness program condemning, the federal government is violating white farmer’s constitutional rights. The Midwestern farmers alleged that they can’t participate in Covid-19 loan forgiveness as they are white. Disabled Farmer, Adam Faust was amongst the Midwestern farmers who filled the lawsuit, claiming that their constitutional rights are being violated as the rescue plan is only providing for socially disadvantaged farmers.

The scenario and Adam Faust’s complaints.

Adam Faust who has two prosthetic legs is a white farmer living in Chilton. He happens to be amongst the five Midwestern farmers who have filed the lawsuit in Green Bay. They claim that their constitutional rights are being violated by the federal government, showing their dissatisfaction regarding the American Rescue Plan in the pandemic scenario.

The five plaintiffs are farmers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Ohio. The filed lawsuit is about, President Biden’s Covid-19 stimulus plan which provides $4 billion to forgive loans. The Stimulus plan grants money to the disadvantaged farmers and ranchers who are Black, Hispanic, Alaskan native, American Indian, Asian American and Pacific Islander. As a result of this the white farmers are claiming that they can’t participate in the loan forgiveness plan which is nothing but racism coming back around to the white farmers.

If the white farmers could be eligible for the stimulus benefits, then they would use the money to make additional investments in their properties. They would be able to purchase more equipment and supplies, expand their farms and support their local communities, as stated in the lawsuit by the Midwestern farmers. Along with this they have added that, as they are not eligible they have been equal protection from the government resulting to harm.

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Adam Faust’s complaints

White farmer Adam Faust was seen smashing complaints after complaint about the government administration. Firstly, the owner of Faust Farms outraged that the loan program is “out and out racist, and I really don’t think that there should be racism allowed at any government level.”

He also stated that,” If somebody is green, I think they should be allowed to participate, based on their actual culture and not just picking an arbitrary thing like race. If the situation would have been against any other race, everybody would have been on board complaining immediately.”

Deputy counsel Daniel Lennington of Wisconsin Institute of Law & liberty, the law institute which filed the lawsuit said,” If you’re are not white, you get the benefit, if you are white you do not get the benefit.” Replying to this Adam Faust said, “We can’t have a government picking and choosing who they are going to give any program based solely on the colour of their skin.”

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