The Circle star Chloe and Mitchell KISSED, are They DATING? Know More

There is more going on between Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason of The Circle behind the scenes than mild flirting that they did on the show.

We all know that the Netflix reality show The Circle is a great hit with season 2 breaking 1st seasons records. And we just can’t get enough of the drama and catfishing. The runner-up and fan-favorite of the show Chloe Veitch is getting really close with Mitchell Eason.

Their love for each other has reached till their parents and even they have approved it. Lets take a look into their relationship timeline and what they have said about each other till now.

During the show 

During the show, Chloe was flirting and had her sight set on Trever for a relationship. Till the show ended Mitchell was stuck in the friendzone. All Mitchell and Chloe did was subtle flirting during the show.

Trevor, a.k.a. DeLessa St. Agathe turned out to be a catfish at the end of the show and then Chloe shifted her sight to Mitchell completely.


They got to see other for the first time at the in-person finale. Chloe went straight to Mitchell for a hug after she emerged from the hallway. He greeted her by calling her “my babes” and “well fit.” Host Michelle asked Chloe whether she would move Mitchell into the boyfriend zone from friend zone seeing the the way they greeted each other.

We could see Chloe and Mitchell talking to each other at the end of the show. A lot happened behind the camera that day. They KISSED!!

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During an interview Chloe said,  “He was like, ‘Chloe, I can’t leave England without knowing if I could kiss you or not.’ And he asked if he could kiss me! It was so cute.”

After the show ended

Mitchell moved backed to States after the show ended and they haven’t seen each other since then. Chloe has told during various interviews that they facetime each other a lot and is planning to go to America to see him. She says that Mitchell makes her feel good about herself when they talk.

“Because of the distance, it hasn’t got a label. But we get on really, really well and it is romantic. It’s not just a friendship, but we’ll see.” This is how she explained their relationship in an interview. And they got the approval of Mitchell’s mom too.

The distance between them is just making their love stronger. They will probably make their relationship official after sometime. We are totally rooting for them.

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