NY Times Slandering and DEFAMING Mr. beast with a Hit Piece for Profit, See Massive Backlash From Fans

The New York Times reported that MrBeast , the YouTube star want to take over the business world. Jimmy Donaldson the America YouTuber is known as MrBeast. He is 22years old and operates six YouTube channels which are named MrBeast, BeastReacts and MrBeastShorts. Combining all the channels he has 91 million subscribers.  Last year during the pandemic, he became the most-subscribed YouTuber in his country.

Unlike other YouTubers who are happy with their social media success, Donaldson claims that he wants more. He wants to see himself taking over the business world earning more money. Last year he tweeted that, “I want to be Elon one day”. He said he wants to be Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla and SpaceX. He wanted to be like one of the world’s richest man and said that Elon Musk is his dream collaborator.

The criticisms Mr. beast faced

MrBeast is one of the incredible YouTubers, who happens to set an example for the next generation YouTubers. He is known to be one of those creators who is a shrewd entrepreneur. His economy is the fastest-growing small business.

But with that amount of success, criticisms come along. The initial videos which Mr. Donaldson used to post, where highly criticised, for using slur and offensive jokes. Not only that several former employees of his companies that he focused on favoritism and bullying amongst employees.

He faced backlash from his fans as well. Last month few of his fans lost significant amounts of money on a cryptocurrency scheme. This cryptocurrency scheme was promoted by Donaldson on his channel. His fans invested their money listening to the YouTuber and face huge amount of loses. MrBeast is also trying to speedy growth in few notoriously fickle platforms.

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Earlier Mr. Donaldson was seen gay slurring Jimmy in his videos. This incident set an example of homophobic rhetoric by him.

Mr. beast Growing Business.

Mr. Donaldson started his business in 2018 with about a dozen people working in a small office in Greenville. From there now he has become owner of the fastest-growing small business. He launched a mobile gaming app and a “ghost kitchen” chain. The burger chain was known as MrBeast Burger, it sold more than 1 million burgers.

He tried his luck in becoming an advisor to a financial network that provided business tools to online creators. Recently, he even signed a deal with a company that will distribute his content across a huge range of social media platforms.

In his gaming app which he introduced in June, last year he told the users to hold a finger down on the screen as long as possible. The last person who picked up his finger won cash price of $25,000. It became such a hit that later he raised the winning prize to $100,000.

He teamed up with a financial network like creative Juice and raised upto $250,000, the fund was offered to creators in exchange of equity in their YouTube Channels. He even signed a partnership with Jellysmack to distribute and monetize his content on Facebook, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

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