Mr Beast’s Fans are ANGRY for Calling Employee ‘RETARDED’ and Workspace ABUSE

Jimmy Donaldson Well known as MrBeast is accused by ex-employees of creating a toxic work place for the employees. He has over 621 million subscribers on YouTube. His gained popularity in the past four years mainly because of his Philanthropic videos. In the videos he is seen donating money to content creators and other people.

Toxic Work Environment Created For The Employees By Mr. Beast. 

Donaldson has ventured into the business his well-known business is MrBeast Burger which sold over 1million Meals within three months. He is highly successful businessman. He along with his brand has a good growth rate. Donaldson works outside Greenville, North Carolina. He works with group of fans, friends, and influencers who are responsible for creating the content of his videos.

What Are The accusations And Who Made Them?

Few days back 11 ex- employees who worked with him accused him of creating toxic environment for the employees. Nate Anderson who worked as an editor for Donaldson for a week in 2018 tweeted along with sharing a video  in 2019 which is deleted at present saying that

” The YouTuber was a perfectionist and that he made ‘unreasonable demands” He also spoke about the death threats he received from Donaldson because of the video that was posted by him. He said “death threats and hateful comments from Mr. Beast’s dedicated fans.”

The author of the Times story says –

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“Working for a 22 year – old YouTube isn’t going to be the most professional work environment, But if you are posturing yourself as a business leader or the next Elon Musk, you should think about the type of work culture you’re creating and what you are rewarding.

Matt Turner who too worked as an editor for Donaldson told the Times that Donaldson used to shout at him regularly. He also termed him as mentally retarded. When He requested to get credit for his work Donaldson gave the credit to other employees.

He even spoke about the times he worked as an editor for Donaldson in 2018 – 19. In October 2019 he released a  YouTube Video and also tweeted saying

“yelled, bullied, called mentally r— and replaceable by MrBreast every single day.”

In the video he spoke about Donaldson deleting a project file of a video Turner was editing due to a compilation of his Philanthropy which didn’t sum up $500,000. Which was the figure mentioned by Donaldson in that video.

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