Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Fiancé Alex Rodriguez Dumped Again!

Things were already going worse for Alex Rodriguez after getting dumped by Jennifer Lopez, sadly now it looks like he got dumped again! but this time by her fabulous friends.

Let’s look at what’s this all about

The Rumours

He was essentially her in addition to one to each stunning occasion from The Met Ball to President Biden’s Inauguration. The little mystery nobody discussed while they were together was everybody needed Jen, not Alex. The admittance to A-rundown Hollywood, private occasions, and surprisingly world pioneers was a direct result of her.
“Indeed, he is a major star and has a stunning life, yet it is not even close to the life and openings that come from dating JLO. All that has gone,” the insider adds. “Alex got so used to the stunning universe of Jennifer Lopez it never happened to him that it would all end the second they separated,” sources tell Radar.

The Reality

Insiders add that the world-popular Yankee got the message when Lopez sang the Rex Sox’s informal signature tune,  the Neil Diamond exemplary Sweet Caroline, in front of an audience a couple of evenings back at the Global Citizen Vax Live’s show taping on May 2.

jennifer lopez ex fiance alex rodriguez dumped again

“Everybody is zeroing in on Jen singing that melody while fanatic Red Sox fan, Ben Affleck was watching her perform. When as a general rule it was similarly as much a major at Alex as anything to do with Ben,” a source tells.

“She’s distraught that Alex wrecked this all. They were locked in to be hitched. She treated that appropriately and he blew it.”

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As Radar recently revealed, Lopez was spotted hanging out with her ex Affleck. The Batman V Superman actor was found being gotten in an SUV, possessed by Lopez, and headed to her L.A. chateau.

Sources say Lopez and Affleck have been getting to know each other since the time she showed up back from recording her new film in the Dominican Republican.

A source advised us, “Jennifer has a lot of loved ones she could go to for help, yet no, she goes to Ben.”

“Everybody realizes Ben is the adoration that moved away. With every one of his issues, he drove her away, however now Ben is in a decent spot and both of them are single. Obviously, they are back together,” the insider uncovered.

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