Ben Affleck Seen with Jennifer Lopez After Ana De Armas Break up: Here’s the Truth Behind Their Relationship

They broke up with each other almost 17 years ago. We did not get to see them spending time together after that. They are hanging out again now and we could see Ben coming out from JLo’s house in LA just days ago.

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood A-listers who has been in a fair share of relationships. Both of them had just broken up with their partners. Ben broke up with Ana in Jan this year and Jennifer called off her engagement with Alex Rodriguez Just weeks ago.

Their love story

Ben and Jennifer met each other for the first time during the shoot of their movie Gigli. They were called Bennifer by their shippers. They got engaged in November 2002 after Jennifer divorced Cris Judd in June 2002. But they called off their wedding just days before it was scheduled the and finally broke up in 2004.

After their break up

Ben moved on and married Jennifer Garner and they both had 3 kids together. After nearly 10 years of their marriage they got divorced. Ben takes good care of his kids and regularly spends time with them.

During the shoot of Deep Water he met Ana De Armas. They both spent time together during the pandemic and even had gone to vacation to Cuba, Ana’s hometown. But they ended their relationship in Jan this year after just 1 year together.

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Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony in 2004 and had twins with him. They split in 2011. In 2019, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer announced heir engagement via Instagram. after 2 years together they split up saying that they better be friends only.

All these after break up they have seen each other rarely but always been good friends. They congratulated and praised each other for their success in their field just like what good friends do.

Why are they meeting each other after all this time?

Some sources have confirmed that they are having a great time catching up with each other. They have a lot to catch up on since it has been many years since they properly talked to each other. “They plan on hanging out again.”, the source added.

Since both are presently in LA we may get to see them hanging out together often from now on. We will have to see whether they are just friends now or will get back together after 17 years?

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