RACISTS are Threatening Daunte Wright’s Family, after ‘Accidentally’ SHOT by White Cop

Its not been a year that George Floyd died. Another massacre happened in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, just ten miles from the trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin who has been convicted for the murder of George Floyd.

Daunte Wright has been killed by a white cop Kimberly Potter during a traffic stop and attempted arrest for an outstanding arrest warrant. According to the cops, he would have been alive if he would have stopped there. Instead, he drove off a short distance, but his vehicle collided with another and hit a concrete barrier. Meanwhile, he was shot close to his chest by the cop.

And his death flamed another wave of ‘Black Lives Matter.” Though this time, the racists are way more brutal and trying to hamper Wright’s family by threatening them.

Threats Received by Daunte Wright’s Family:

After Wright died, his family has been devastated and heartbroken. They are even broken down during the funeral ceremony and at the court as well.

Apparently, they have received death threats from the racists. It seems like even in the 21st century, people are far more concerned about color and other prejudice than humanity.

According to his family, Wright’s son is not even 1 year old and this injustice happened. Instead of being empathetic and standing with them for justice, people are sending threatful comments and messages. That is not only horrifying also heartbreaking.


Every life matters. Be it black or white. And its very heartbreaking that 1 20-year-old African-American boy lose his life accidentally for his color.

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Though the cop tried to justify the incident by calling it an accidental discharge. He failed. He has been terminated from the cop service and the mob has moved in rage.

The mob came forward and protested on roads. Photos from the protest showed men stomping on the windshield of a police cruiser. Several people gathered outside the Brooklyn Center Police Headquarters. Once again, they have expressed their dissatisfaction over the cops.

And this fight of the black people for their right to live in another white-dominated country will go on.

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