Kevin Spacy Rape Victim Forced to Reveal Identity After Judge’s Order

The anonymous person raised his voice against the Popular L.A Confidential actor Kevin Spacey for abusing him sexually, saying it happened during in his teen which was ages ago. Kevin Spacey has been a controversial figure of this matter previously there was an issue in 2017 similar as the sexual assault.

Now for the second time, he has been accused for the same sexual assault, C.D has come with this terrifying story, as per the source the victim was 14 years old had Stacey was 22 years old, and in fact they were in a relationship. However, the victim had come up with his bitter experience and struggling to get justice.

The story from the victim’s point of view

The anonymous person is now called as C.D for now and the judges has issued a statement to revel his true identity within the given time of 10 days, it is not a simple case but sexual assault. According to the obtained data the victim has met Kevin Spacey in the 1980s.

The victim initially had a genuine term with the accused, they both met in Westchester County, New York. The victim used to come for the acting school of Spacey and then they met and eventually, they had involved in a romantic relationship.

Manhattan Federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan gave order that victim must reveal his identity as he made the allegations on the public figure within the 10 days of court’s order. In this twist of events the C.D’s attorney has stated that the accuser is reluctantly agreed to put off everything and he is more likely to Drop the charges on Kevin Stacey .

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The anonymous person wouldn’t dare to reveal his identity yet has given a reason if he reveal himself , they would come all the way back to him and it would be harmful to him . Another twist in the plot Actor Anthony Rapp, who has joined alongside the victim saying the incident has actually happened in SPACEY’S house .

C.D’ s attorney Peter has stated that the victim is charging $40 million for the damages and the victim felt “extremely distress and psychological anxiety ” for the thought of revealing just his name .so if he revel his name they would come all way back to him and this causes him emotional distress . So if he had to reveal he would discontinue with the charges and this anonymous person would be second person to drop off the claims.

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