Kangana Ranaut BANNED from Twitter for Speaking Out Violent and Unfair Election in Indian State, WB

Twitter has permanently banned the popular Indian actress, Kangana Ranaut from the platform for violating the social media’s community guidelines on hateful and abusive behavior. Ranaut — infamous for her controversial tweets on the platform — recently posted a series of posts in response to the recently concluded West Bengal assembly election results.

Ranaut revealed through an Instagram story that her Twitter account was suspended on Tuesday. The actor claims that the platform removed her after posting a video where she demanded President’s rule in West Bengal on Tuesday morning. The 34-year-old had posted a series of tweets on alleged violence in West Bengal following the state’s CM, Mamata Banerjee-led political party’s victory in the state.

Twitter took action after receiving hundreds of reports and tweets from the users for her hateful and abusive reaction. Ranaut reportedly asked the prime minister of the country, Narendra Modi to tame Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal. She urged the prime minster to show his Virat Roop, particularly from the early 2000s to do so. These tweets angered millions of users who read them.

Kangana Ranaut repeatedly violated Twitter’s rules

This isn’t the first time that the Bollywood actress had come under hot water for her tweets. Ranaut previously posted an incendiary tweet against streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video and its show, Tandav. She reportedly tweeted that it was a time to take the heads off of the makers of the show. Ranaut believes that the show deliberately attacked religious sentiments.

Her tweets against the streaming platform led the US-based social media platform to impose restrictions on her account. Twitter reportedly put her account in read-only mode after her two tweets allegedly instigated violence. When she got into spat with pop-singer Rihanna over the farmer’s protest in India, Twitter removed some tweets from her official  account.

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Ranaut later told Reuters that the platform just proved her point by prohibiting her from using the platform. She mentioned that a white person always wants to enslave a brown people and want to tell what to speak and do. The actress later told that her heart goes out to those who have been suffered and tortured in this country for years. She also mentioned that she couldn’t care less about Twitter removing her account, because she has many more platform to raise her voice.

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