Donald Trump PARMANENT Facebook Ban is Happening Following Twitter Ban

On account of the storming of the US capitol by the pro-Trump mob on January 6, 2021, Zuckerberg has banned his access to Facebook and Instagram.

Though the permanent Facebook ban is not yet confirmed as the Former US President is a high-profile figure and can led to a bigger controversy. Mark Zuckerberg referred the decision to the independent Oversight Board of Facebook.

And apparently, the board has informed that it is going to announce the decision on the case concerning former US President Trump on its website at on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, at approximately 9:00AM.Donald Trump PARMANENT Facebook Ban is Happening Following Twitter Ban

Why Trump’s Facebook Account was Banned?

Donald Trump posted a video on Facebook and according to Mark Zuckerberg, its against the company policies. He said Trump misused the platform and foment a violent riot in Washington, DC. Also, said being a former President, Trump’s words has influence over the mob. He must think before sharing any message over his social media handle.

Earlier Mark Zuckerberg has said about the free speech. But the scenario has changed. As company has certain policies and will be issuing further points to that policy especially concerning the limitations of the high profile people.

What Is The Reaction of the Other Social Media Handled?

Besides, Facebook and other Facebook-owned social media handles, Twitter too have blocked Trump’s account. Though Twitter’s ban is a permanent one. And its not going to undo its decision.

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YouTube also banned Trump’s account and its permanent until the situation is convenient and safe to give him back.

What is the Facebook Oversight Board? Does Facebook Need to Abide by The Decision?

The oversight board consists of 20 people. According to Facebook, it can have maximum 40 members. The members are a group of intellectuals like lawyers, activists and so on.

For the decision-making procedure, a panel of 5 people is formed and their identity remains secretive as per the policy. After the decision has been taken, a majority of the board is needed to agree with the decision. In case, one member does not, the case would be sent back to another panel, starting the process again.

Moreover, its mandatory for Facebook to abide by it. Thus, it’s totally an independent body making firm decisions in order to run a successful social media handle.

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