VIDEO: 23 Dead CRUSHED to Death in Mexico after Overpass Collapses

The CCTV footage broadcast by local media shows the demise of at least 23 people because of the collapse of a metro overpass in Mexico. It shows the overpass collapsing at the Olivos station on the metro’s Line 12 around 10 pm. In the south of Mexico City on Monday, several carriages plunged towards the busy road crushing at least one car. According to Mexico City Mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum told reporters, ”So far we have 23 people who unfortunately lost their lives.” The civil defense department tweeted that around 70 others were injured in this tragic accident. The footage about the accident can be seen in this video


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Many emergency rescue workers were seen trying to rescue the victims from the site. But the work was suspended after some time with the possibility that it is too unstable and can collapse causing more damage and harm. Mayor said, “For now the rescue has been suspended because the train is very weak. A crane is coming to continue the work.”

Some also suspect that the death toll may rise because maybe some people were still trapped under the rubbage. 

Some injured were seen to be taken away by medics on stretchers. The casualties were taken to different hospitals in the city.

CCTV Video shows Mexico city metro overpass collapses, 23 dead and many injured


The part of the train was hanging from the tracks and the front carriages tangled between the cables forming a V-shape. As the footage shows, the lights went out and the people panicked due to the accident in the city center. The ventilation system was disrupted and the station was filled with smoke with no clear vision.

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According to a 26-year-old survivor, Mariana, told EL Universal, “We only heard a loud thunder, and everything fell apart. There were many people standing and sitting in the carriage. As I wasn’t seriously hurt, I helped other people get out through the window.” also adding that she hit her head on the roof of the carriage.

One eyewitness told Mexico’s Televisa Tv Network, “Suddenly I saw that the structure was shaking. When the dust cleared we ran… to see if we could help. There were no screams. I don’t know if they were in shock.”

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