Biden Confirms 4th Stimulus Check Worth $3000, July Payment Date and More Details

As a part of March’s American Rescue Plan, the IRS is currently sending the third round of stimulus checks to millions of Americans. Due to the shutdowns caused by the coronavirus, millions of households are struggling financially to cover their bills. Lawmakers are now pushing the president Joe Biden to make the provision for the fourth stimulus checks in his upcoming economic plans.

The President of the US, Joe Biden is currently working on the two new plans — the American Jobs Plan and American Family Plan. Several members of Congress (mostly Democrats) are pressuring the president to include the fourth stimulus in any of his next economic plan. If the president plans to include the fourth stimulus in upcoming plan, then it would aid greatly in lifting the Americans out of poverty.

Thanks to the current third stimulus checks, the financial conditions of American households are improving. The latest U.S. Census Bureau confirmed that there has been a huge reduction in the number of people financially struggling following the delivery of stimulus checks. 33.8% of Americans were struggling before the third round of stimulus checks, but this number fell down to 28.9% in late March.

However, the same report still shows that more than 18 million adults are still going hungry in the US.

Next stimulus checks likely to come in July

Apart from the lawmakers, who sent letter to the president asking for the fourth stimulus, the citizens have also set up a petition for the fourth stimulus checks. The online petition in the platform, change.org has already 2 million signatures, which has a goal of 3 million signatures. However, Republicans senators aren’t supporting another direct payments. They believe that the direct payments has been discouraging people to return to their work.

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The Biden administration is currently working on the upcoming plans, which he called the Build Back Better plan. Biden’s current plans primarily focuses on improving the transportation, energy grid, water systems, and broadband. The plan also include a provision to provide better housing and affordable housing to Americans. Biden hasn’t publicly revealed that he supports fourth stimulus check.

The $1,400 per individual — the third stimulus check — is helping the Americans to pay their bills for groceries and rents. However, some group of people are also spending the money in investments and growing assets.

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  1. If the American people got the amount of money in stimulus that y’all voted on for your raises and the perk that came along with your job we’d all be happy and most of all “TERM LIMITS” I don’t care who you are 2 terms just as the president and that should go for any government officials that is elected into office
    Thank you,
    Rebecca McCutcheon

  2. TRUE AMERICANS would have Much More in the way of financial help if Biden didn’t give our hard earned tax dollars to ILLEGALS, Foreign Countries, Democratic Special Interest Groups and this Administration’s own Deep Lined Pockets!! ????????????

  3. I think he needs to to the 1400 was to catch up for most of us he’ll it’s been a wholeheartedly almost since this mess started yes I was thankful but it wasn’t enough

  4. First, how dare anyone in this group insinuate I don’t really want to return to work!! That is beyond insulting! I have three degrees, including a master’s, that I worked hard for, while working full time and attending college, but some of them hold that belief? I’ll hold my tongue on that one. No, moving on…
    Really?! These people who are, and have been, pulling in extraordinary pay into already extraordinary bank accounts have the audacity, naw, balls, to say $1400.00 put the people close to normal. This proves just how far out of touch these “leaders” are. Reduce their accounts to, say, $40.00, still more than what’s in mine, put them 2-4 months behind on rent with eviction hanging over their heads, behind on ALL bills, and the need for food and vital medications then let them explain how far $1400.00 will go! Don’t bother adding in kids, especially sick kids. Do not misunderstand, I am very grateful for it, but it doesn’t do everything they think. And do not dare to put yourself in my, or anyone else’s, shoes!

  5. Perfect opportunity to get everyone vaccinated. Only give the stimulus to those vaccinated. Those unvaccinated can apply for consideration to get it based upon medical reasons. A medical review board can then decide yes or no on receiving the stimulus. The vaccination numbers will surge.

  6. I just wanted to say that everyone out there need help. Me included, I do my best to live on 794.00 per mo and I know I could use a little help cause I am really struggling here but no I won’t get a fourth stimulus to help so I just keep on struggling like so many others will still have to

  7. I have spent every penny of the stimulus money ACTUALLY stimulating the economy. I’ve hired a plumber, a roof repair man, a washing machine repair man, a yard man, and a few other repairs. That’s what it means, simulate, right?

  8. The direct payments are not the cause for people not returning to work it is the extensions and overpaying of the unemployed that keep the unemployed from returning to work! The direct payments have been a lifeline to those with loss of income due to reduced hours, death of a loved one who fell ill, paying more for childcare due to remote learning etc… Those payments are a need to those who have been effected! Help those that can’t help themselves and those working struggling families!

  9. Is this paper for real? I couldn’t believe the article that Shrusti Raghuwanshi wrote about the out of control Chinese trash ship, seriously do you hire journalists with a fifth grade education? Couldn’t understand what they wrote. TRASH. And you need to show me proof of death threats to Daunte what ever family is getting death threats! FAKE NEWS your gonna be your own demise

  10. Um 1400.00 isnt alot of money as fast as i got it and it went…broke again…4th stimulas they should do people r struggling still..i mean happy we gor stimulas checks simply wasnt enough its sad actually.doubt we get a 4th one..

  11. I know so many people that are not accepting job offers because they can receive unemployment and stimulus checks while sitting at home. Businesses are months behind and prices have tripled on product. It is ridiculous, the jobs are there asking people to work and they turn it down. This is ridiculous, taxes are going to pay for all of this and people that are working legally are the ones flipping the bill. Wake the hell up people.

  12. If people are using this stimulus money on anything but food housing basics Then they DON’T NEED THE MONEY! Please get real If they don’t use their money for these things to survive they sure as hell should not be given this money in the first place! What having no money to one person means something completely different to someone else I mean no money means having no food or making a difficult choice of do I pay for food or heat Not having enough money anywhere in the bank or a credit card to have as an option But someone else would think well I only have x amount of money in my bank account or I can’t take a vacation or get my new car etc WOW I wish that was my problem Unless you have ever been that low you’ll probably never understand I can’t wait till I can just have enough money to pay my bills to survive Wonder if anyone else sees the same thing I do?

  13. What About The Thousands Of People – Including Myself – Who Have Yet To Receive That $1,400 Per Person Payment?????
    Mine Was Sent To A Closed Account (3/17/21)
    Get My Payment Tool Allowed Me To Change Direct Deposit Account Information (3/24/21)
    Received An IRS Notice – CP53B (4/12/21)
    Received The Letter From The President (4/22/21) With The Amount & It Stated If I Hadn’t Received Payment After 7 Days Of Getting The Letter In The Mail To Call This Toll Free Number.. Once I Called, The Lady Basically Told Me When It Comes, It Comes, Keep Checking The Get My Payment Tool –
    Get My Payment Says Eligible, Yet No Date To Be Deposited Into My New Account
    Wellllll That Wasnt Very Helpful..
    I Thought This Was Immediate Relief For The American People? Not So Immediate For Me Or Thousands Of Other People In The Facebook Group Where Every Member Is STILL WAITING For The Immediate Relief From MARCH
    No One Is Giving Us Any Answers
    We Need Someone To Stand Up For Us – The Forgotten Ones!!!

  14. Yes they for stimulus check withheld I live on this ability has been living on disability since 2004 I only get $831 how do the government expect someone to live on that that’s not cool and I have a Physical disabilitystill need to Buy food and still put gas in my transportation to get back-and-forth from the doctor the grocery store anywhere outside saying I am married and my husband is on disability to and he gets 549 a month So the dumb and expect us to live up 1,386.00 a dollars month Starting in June our RENT will be 900.00 dollars a month So the stimulus checks do help and I appreciate getting them so that we can live just a little bit not asking for lot little help thank you for this dimness checks that has been given to us THANK YOU VETUMUCJ

  15. Great article. Please update if there is any new information regarding this. Also habe you heard any new information on the unemployment taxes will be refunded to those that filed before it was passed to waive. the first $10,200?

  16. People need to get back to work. Don’t know about other States, but Columbus Ohio has now hiring signs for fast food as well as, stores, And large Businesses. When I was unemployed years ago I got a job paying less than what I was making on Unemployment. The idea was to work and still look for a better paying job. I found a better paying Job. Unemployment is a Great Idea, but people will abuse. It’s better to get a job before Unemployment runs out. Actually it’s better to get a job as soon as possible!!

  17. Are you at like long some people are homeless because bakerripley’s FEMA Harris County Housing has not seen any payments to landlords or tenants and now people are homeless because of that I am one of them

  18. Where is the money coming from? This on top of the phony infrastructure $Ts and the $Ts to illegals will cause massive inflation, hurting all Americans.

    BtW, Why is it that every company is hiring (you see signs everywhere) and we are still paying people to stay home?


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