Women Fired after Telling Black Neighbours, ‘They are Not the Right COLOR’

“You are not the right color Honey” is the comment made by the WHITE woman on her neighbor residing in colonial heights. Hilary, the white women dig her own grave by making racist comments on her neighbor and as a result, she was terminated from her job at” CHESTERFIELD FOOD BANK”.



The Racist White women barged on to her neighbor who is reportedly living in Colonial Heights, according to details by Daily Mail, the victim is Identified as “LAQUETTA GOOD” , normal women who works from home .

The footage had made clear that the racist woman has intentionally come on to “Good ” and this argument between the neighbors was no the first time, there were times previously the woman had confronted good, made racist comments, and called her with different names which shocked good.

In the footage, the evidence of Hilary’s racist behavior came onto the surface and the words including “You are not the right color honey”…..”When the god asks I’m a n****r ?” immediately the white women yelled back at good saying yes, you are.

previously, Hilary had reported good to the police for an allegation of drugs. good has replied as a response saying ” I couldn’t afford my house, I never leave the house so I had to sell drugs because I’m black and had a Porsche” and house was searched but no drugs were found and also in the video good had said she couldn’t live happily in her own house.

As we go deep into this case the argument was due to kids as they were not getting along well. To seek assistance GOOD had to Post videos on the social media platform FACEBOOK, her account was suspended due to not following the community standards on “HATE SPEECH “. later after few days, this tragic event went viral.

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CHESTERFIELD FOOD BANK CEO, Kim Hill had responded to the unreasonable behavior of his employee. he stated that the situation was unfortunate and they are heartbroken, as the evident viral video of exhibiting the racist behavior on the neighbor, it goes against to the values and beliefs of the company.

As a result of an unfortunate event, Hilary was fired from her job. later Hill added that the company would always strive to spread positivity and would stay committed to create and provide a positive, uplifting and encouraging environment.

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